Saturday, October 31, 2009

Gone too quiet

The week has been pretty busy but don't seem to have added very much besides earning some money, which can never be dismissed. I have a big mystery to solve over the lost roundabout sign, and one which has the potential to complete a project if still waiting somewhere. Enquiries are being made. I hope the current momentum to reveal the truth where previously absent continues, immigration is already now admitted and only about consequences, and global warming is showing cracks by the day. Had you or I earned money that way we'd be up before the serious fraud office, forget Labour the war criminals for that is the prerogative of every government to assert their authority, but not fraud. Mugabe should be proud of them.

My plans are down to waiting for my friends next week from America, the rest is who knows. My faith is being tested (something I've only had for a few months) but not gone yet. A few projects are still alive so can only carry on pushing the areas until something happens either way. But there are too many gaps, ie 80% of the time at least, and I can't fill those gaps usefully the whole time, who can? I did start my postal course at last as dark afternoons stop anything outdoors, and that will fill my professional requirements for most of the year now. But when what seems like good starts either stop or freeze like a computer you do wonder what the point is at times.
I have at least finally located a TV series I missed from 1973 when it was repeated, that should arrive in a few days if nothing else. Meanwhile I plough on and witness the usual ups and downs each day, when hopes are raised and dropped, and so far mainly gained either short term benefits or potential information I can't yet use for any benefit.

Maybe it will all come together. The return of the counter, plus with virtually unlimited numbers means I'll probably post here even more, as what's the point of looking if nothing new's been written? I have more time to read now it's dark early and I've finished the work on my grandma's will. I am also planning my Mensa IQ test soon as the trial run I took went pretty well. Better than I expected actually as the few attempts I'd done over the years had been quite disappointing considering I knew the score I could get. It has to get quiet sometimes and run out of ideas, and I'm buggered if I'm going to bed early as that's even worse.


diver said...

Hi David, I was wondering (and hopefully it's not an intrusive question) ... what's the 'postal course' you've just started and how does it relate to your professional requirements?

David said...

Question away! If it's written here then it's open to question. I must do 30 hours professional development work a year, and courses are the best method although no longer a compulsory option of three possible.

I have carved a niche market as being a psychic investigator am now one of the few alleged alien abductee regressors in the country, at least one who doesn't charge. This is a course aimed solely at us and longer than any other I've taken which is why it may straddle two years. Most so far is very familiar but still a new course and bound to learn a lot by the end.