Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Major achievements

After a little run of minor successes recently I've realised although these are necessary in themselves, they don't change my life and just like recharging the batteries for a few days. I need something that'll alter my life long term and those are by their nature both rare and almost impossible to achieve directly except for qualifications. With 50 looming I'm seeing the time running out to succeed in life, as most people have their love life and career sorted out by 30. Not me of course. I know which events cross this line and can't make a shopping list and then go out and do them. Most rely on other people and others may not actually exist at all despite looking for them.

Being Monday I can't help looking ahead to the week. I have one certain woman visiting in the evening with two more pencilled in the day before and after. Unless these were of my choice (no they're not) I'd far rather one per week but phases are real and here's another one. I'd still be free during the day except one but haven't actually got a clue what I will do with the last light week till March. The paperwork can wait till I can't do much beyond 4pm outdoors, so have it all saved up. But despite mopping up another old sign yesterday on the edges of Kent there's sod all left north of the river where I actually live, for obvious reasons. Tomorrow always takes care of itself when free, which is the ideal default position, but do prefer a rough idea the day before, which I don't have at the moment. Other possibilities on my system include another photo competition and magazine letter written, but the emails about road signs and the like have again returned a big fat zero, plus one for money. Fancy that.

The BBC (I only heard indirectly but should be true) finally broke a rule today and admitted the temperatures were stuck at 1998 after which they stopped rising. Of course the suggestion was even though one IPCC wonk predicted another 20 years before temperatures rose again, it was only part of the general increase. Others said the theory didn't predict any falling of temperatures and should admit defeat, but we are a step closer. I've heard every fucking argument for both sides till I could write a thesis, and like any jury both sides are very convincing till you compare them, and the warmist's total argument is based on guesswork. And for the next twat who accuses anyone of not being a scientist when they explain the holes in their argument, I'd say are juries expected to be qualified to put their peers in prison (or even have them killed by the state)? If so then why bloody well question the rest of us for judging the evidence, plus remind them the IPCC aren't scientists either. They are a bunch of successful career politicians who are meant to do the same as us but actually do as they are told by whoever pays their expenses.

Looking back I have collected a lot recently, and even though it cost me money I didn't need to spend the new car is like driving a Rolls after the last one (OK, a Volvo, I have no idea what driving a Rolls would be like) so the journeys I've made were a lot less tiring. Six more direction signs in a few weeks is pretty amazing after most junctions had been checked months ago, but realised the extra places they could be and hit the jackpot. But these are just battery charging, they run out in a few days with these minor successes and the time is well overdue for bigger and better.

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