Sunday, October 11, 2009

Political correctness, why?

Back in the late 60s there was one insult at school that summed up the whole era, spasmo. It covered just about every type of situation and was the primary insult by all the boys for some years. It could have been a combination of spastic and homo but probably just a typical fancy version of it. There were the more direct words, spastic, cretin, mongol and moron which caused the medical profession to abandon them by the neo-communists of Camden and Haringey councils, thus depriving doctors of direct words which had been used for over 100 years and replaced by clunky phrases like cerebral palsy sufferers, mentally subnormal (that didn't survive long either), and the ghastly modern educationally challenged.

Race wasn't really an issue back then, in NW London it was basically Christians vs Jews, and in about 1967 when the first black kid joined the class, Augustin Okwu from the Nigerian embassy, we were purely fascinated, and called him chocolate face (as 7 year olds) only as a description, with absolutely no malice. Intent is now irrelevant and the whole class along with their parents would be prosecuted with the children being put into care. In fact the only racism there was against the Jews, and not subtle or hidden at all but openly persecuted by the school Nazis who called us everything they did word for word. Jeremy Smith, I mean you. Nasty piece of work, and slept with his ex the night before his wedding in his 40s. They rarely change.

Political correctness is the totalitarianism of the 21st century. Saying you don't believe man can create global warming is now lumped in with denying the holocaust, except many extreme left wingers do exactly that themselves. Watch the thought police and follow what I do and totally ignore them. This does not mean insulting races maliciously, but being free to mention more crimes are committed by black people in the UK, most terrorists are muslims and other examples of stating the bleeding obvious. If the BBC could repaint black murderers in the news they would as they want no one to be certain what we all know is true exists. Simply covering the truth doesn't stop it existing, just confuses people. I'm not confused as I never stop using perfectly good words as some twat with no sense of logic tells me to. If someone says not to use a word I'll use it twice and recommend you all do as well. Anyone with equal credentials to Tiger Woods, Lewis Hamilton, or his American double President Obama will succeed whatever colour they are. Besides exclusion, which happened equally to Jews as Blacks until a few years ago, if we couldn't succeed in one area we found one where we could. We didn't give up as clubs wouldn't accept us.

I needn't say any more, just ignore what they preach at the UN and Camden alike, and use the evidence of your own eyes to distinguish wrong from right. By silencing us they have the power, and do far worse against most of the world than any of us can with words alone.

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