Friday, October 23, 2009

Teaching understood

This has been a totally unknown week at the start, and so far have actually been quite productive. I've cashed most of my vouchers now, got a pair of what could be new designer jeans for £5 after the real shop had them for about £70, had a surprise visit from a friend today (then his car rolled down the hill into both a neighbour's cars- he has been accident prone as long as I've known him), and two work bookings after a long gap. It shows you don't have to plan ahead as each day whatever needs doing becomes apparent and other things happen to provide something to do, even if total crap at times.

I'm also glad to report the radiation leak story has finally been published in the Kent Messenger, so now it's in the public eye any major media can pick it up if they think it's worth it. Maybe if I said the road signs were channeling alien messages they may write about me, but more likely to be sectioned. Meanwhile the day the national post strike starts we were sent the final letter to apply (by post of course) for my grandma's will's probate after 4 month's work. That's good timing. I'm working bang in the middle of the afternoon tomorrow before dinner at my mum as per every week, so no need to think of other ideas. I do think the guidance seems to be covering more areas, the new car turned up both in minutes but was the exact one I test drove 8 years ago at that garage and said I'd buy when I could afford an older one. And 1900 miles on the clock (guaranteed) is almost unheard of. Timing and other little things are apparently falling into place as well (besides the fucking Thai restaurant featured online over a week ago closing the only day I had a friend here to make a delivery) plus of course her total lack of romantic interest in me, despite her sister claiming she's already planning a February wedding (she never told me though). Crossed wires indeed.

My personal role teaching is acting in an active and passive way, if I learn something new I tell people, and otherwise just wait for someone to raise something that requires it. My biggest coup this year came when I'd traced the source I suspected for ages of the BBC, who did announce they were no longer going to waste time offering alternative views on man made global warming in 2006 as it was beyond discussion. I will try and limit my blog swearing so not call them total fucking wankers. Oops. But they truly are or I'd never have allowed a second one out. There is a sense of freedom here though which I don't use verbally, as I never swear in front of women and strangers unless they do first as I still believe many people will find it offensive. This is more like Big Brother where you know they do it and are pretty well prepared, and if not then only have to see it once to make your decision. But words are there for a reason and those have a unique place where silly twits or horse's backsides just don't do the job. In fact the BBC have guaranteed what most accused them of for generations, they are the mouthpiece of the left of British government, and when out of power the BBC keep the flame burning regardless who is in power with their total bias.

I have tested this enough times to know it as well. I was trained to think clearly and follow through arguments before presenting them. And if I see something that is hiding in the shadows it is my duty to try and display it to others. Do you want to be robbed by Al Gore's personal scheme? Lies are not, as the bible says, obvious, or they'd never stick. Tell someone they have a big nose and if they don't is a pretty useless insult. It has to have either an element of truth or be so hard to fathom the truth is almost impossible to discover without the facts. That is what we have here, but with the internet not being policed very much the facts are there. The fact some people choose to accept the government and UN's view 'as they would never lie to us' just demonstrates their naievety and tends to be the environmental twits and younger generation who are brainwashed at school as if it's actually happening as Al Gore pretended. Lots of people call the radio understanding this perfectly, but I don't know if they make the same effort more than once like I have got to. You can't rely on someone else, or think people have heard enough as they clearly haven't or we wouldn't be stuck with Copenhagen later this year which will tax us all back to the stone age.

I have also decided whatever the teachers say there's nothing wrong with wanting a bit of personal glory in return. That's not money, I can get that in other ways, but the years of effort that went into knowing whatever I do deserves to be rewarded in some other way. You are for plenty of other public works and why the hell not? You only get (as far as I know) one go at this so may as well benefit yourself as well. If everyone could do it I wouldn't need to anyway would I?

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