Thursday, October 29, 2009

A little improvement

It has been a strange week, even for me. Besides one booking I've been free and for some reason I was given the thought all my problems should be over very soon. Having watched teachings on such things and had accurate messages on lesser things then I took this fairly seriously, and may pick up things around me if important enough. So I thought of the sort of things that would do this, most are possible but none likely, and then thought which ones would be enough to have a lasting effect rather than like charging a battery for a short time. Normally if nothing happened I'd have forgotten about it, but as this seemed like the sort of dreams which stand out as special I'm not letting this one go.

In reality I've used the time well, I took some very nice views of Harrow on the Hill, done plenty of shopping and took a video in Finchley after more clearing of ex-grandma's house. It's all gone quite smoothly, more than usual in fact, although nothing itself has happened. I did however enlarge a photo where I thought I'd seen the old roundabout sign last year and saw the apparent pole was a space in the trees, implying I'd got the location wrong as there are a number of photos nearby online and would be amazed if a sign was there and none had caught it. That leaves the possibility it was somewhere else. Before Streetview I drove every road looking, and covered each dual carriageway with a roundabout where I may have been. Nothing. But the fact it was there pre-1963 it could still be there a year after I saw it, but have a total mental block if not Tolworth. So I've been researching and asked many people in the area online by email in case they know it, it's not like my one on a suburban block, but on a 6 lane major road. I will see.

Being on winter time now my days are different, and as it got dark soon after working didn't need to go out, and after wasting the rest of the day trying to find a TV series online I missed when last repeated have now run out of material. I've concluded my search for other signs as covered the whole lot of likely places and many unlikely, only a red triangle would complete the set if it comes. The further out ones can stay there and wouldn't have taken many back when they were normal so why do it now? Any I do are a bonus but Kent (old and new) is less accessible to me than Birmingham 120 miles away. My faith is being tested like most great sages in history. Meanwhile I've been watching total nonsense on TV, like 'How racist are you' (ans, who cares?), and the usual nauseating stream of carbon footprints as usual. But the BBC are slipping as they let a disbeliever speak on the radio news despite his performance being worse than useless as he's patented his knowledge so unless he shares it will remain useless.

Optimism is normally outside my scope, but besides the pointless hope for its own sake, which is no better than fearing the worst as neither are real, when you appear to be inspired by a greater force then unless there isn't one you shouldn't drop it if nothing seems to be happening. This force has demonstrated itself to me enough to accept it, and have also learnt besides passing exams the normal ways to success are indirect, ie you can't make them happen deliberately. This week has already been a breakthrough as once I'd found the BBC announcement they had stopped reporting anti global warming data the 10 year old government documents creating a multicultural Britain in secret were released by accident, and then Piers Corbyn got his Climate Fools Day interview on the BBC news. Things have freed up, and you can't put that lot back in the box proving we've been shat on and lied to by those I said were doing it from day one. If they've been caught with their hands in the till a few times then what about all the rest we haven't found yet? I'm also waiting for the new film 'Not evil, just wrong' to counter 'An Incovenient Truth' to be released, and hope to goodness it's in cinemas and not just the one showing two weeks ago online. That won't teach the kids if it's all we're going to see of it.

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