Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Agoraphobia day!

Although I rarely mention it now as I rarely go where requested, I was cheated into accepting another evening in a not-local pub next week. Luckily the same person got me to survive an evening in another one recently so have the precedent, and although I could probably cope with a local one instead most have long since become blocks of flats so hardly any actually on the doorstep without either thugs or old miseries. My tablets are required to take the edge off the day, but may dwell on it on and off the whole time before it comes next week, that is almost as bad as the event as you can't live normally with a stone in your shoe.

Otherwise I've been out and about as it suits me, I took a lot (more remaining though) of private signs in Regents Park yesterday, as although they are not official have an old set just like the others in style and quite a few have been left unlike elsewhere. It's been raining again all day so scanned in the final photos and now have quite a few of our old cars and even half an old direction sign from before I was born. I must do the supermarket tomorrow or I'll run out of food, and beyond that is a mystery. If something else better takes my attention it can wipe out any concern about the pub, but that is outside my control if it does.

My other projects are so uncertain or personal they can't be mentioned here, but none are likely to happen for weeks at the earliest so can't expect any of them to do the job. My finances will be changing soon (for the better overall but not quite as reliable), I have also started laser treatment on my hair as the FDA in America have approved it with good results and a twentieth the price of having it done privately. That takes months before showing any results so just apply it three times a week and leave it alone otherwise and forget about it. The long term plan is to find another friend locally, male. female or both, and one not more trouble than being on my own. I've never looked for a friend in my life, they were just there. This is a first. Facebook has been useless so far, the one friend had just moved abroad after being round the corner (relatively) for years, and the latest fuckers just ignored my messages.
One who didn't although didn't remember me either suddenly invited me over, I replied when and she never answered. She is single but clearly for good reasons. It's like I'm tuned for 'weird' so like a magnet instead of picking up iron pick up weird people and repel the others.

But I must try and remain positive in all this, see there must still be guidance in it all and maybe the pub visit may ultimately lead to a leg over situation. Needless to say the woman is incredibly attractive or I'd just have sidestepped the whole thing, but I can't start fiddling around when crumpet is involved however unlikely the chances are of success. I'd understand if a woman didn't like going out but I've been there myself so would. I won't do nothing, but if she wants to go to a pub would like some say in which one, even though all mine have been demolished. She used to have a car so could come over when she wanted as well, but finances put a stop to that and if she comes over now needs arranging and me going to collect her and take her home. That's not a problem but means she can't just come and go as she pleases as she doesn't like being at home much herself.

So, a small turd hits the fan as they must from time to time, and only for me to deal with now or never. I know that's the reason and step one is to forget about it unless it comes to me, in which case I let the thought pass, till next week. Having something else to do will help and no idea what that would be.

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