Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Part 2: Intuition.

Here's the next one already. I've probably said it before but not important. Follow and expand your intuition. Discover what it is, accept it's real and use it. Rely on it. Don't be concerned you have little or no evidence as sooner or later you'll find it after the event.

I can't recommend things to people I don't know are real, it's something I've had all my life, and once I saw it's not important that people have to trust or believe you but you are doing it for yourself and if others choose to believe it regardless that's a bonus- once they see it in themselves then they can see it in you.

The powers that be hate intuition and want to suppress it. They say if you can't measure it or demonstrate it you are a liar or unhinged and should be ignored or worse still punished. What they mean is once people claim back their own power then of course theirs will go. Nothing to do with the truth, everything to do with protecting their false positions.
If something or someone feels wrong it usually is. Criminals are different, they act like people who don't care about anyone else and it doesn't take long before a feeling becomes demonstrated by their actions. If someone feels wrong either avoid them or if you can't don't trust them. People like (allegedly...) Peter Mandelson and his pet Tony Blair. Once you see how they operate then anyone else who behaves like that is not to be trusted. Margaret Thatcher, Enoch Powell, Ian Paisley, they speak their minds, you may or may not agree with them but only my intuition tells me what they say is what you get. Then compare the two and it's even easier to spot a bad'un as they stand out like wearing a uniform once you get the hang of it.

Animals and children do this quite easily and naturally, dogs and cats come up to people they can trust and avoid others the first time they see them, as they can't question their intuition, it's normal to them. Some have more than others and some are scared of all people as their learning has told them it's safer not to risk being badly treated. But those who have it will choose their owners if they can. They have no option but to take their abilities for granted, we can reason them away but they are still there whatever we do to try and make them seem false.
Just look back to every time you've had a strong feeling about something, you may or may not have dismissed it but how many times were they wrong? If we are indeed all connected then feeling something connected to you directly isn't so odd after all is it?

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