Thursday, July 08, 2010

A journey to enlightenment

I will see what occurs here today, whether the message seems to be guided or just my usual bollocks. I am discussing enlightenment on Facebook and seems to show that besides actually reflect and confirm your own enlightened state the teachings should work whoever's teaching them. If someone said 'do this and that and something might happen' and it did, I wouldn't even have known or cared whether they were enlightened as long as it worked. Plus many who are don't know how it happened but are moved to teach anyhow. I've learnt for my own benefit and narrowed it down to what I'd call the tough or basic practises, only different in their speed of effect. Like any other if you spend half a day or more in some form of meditation it does add up. Unlike physical exercise meditation is not tiring so can keep it up indefinitely in different forms during the day, it will drive most people potty so only for the very strong, but seen the results online myself.
Otherwise you simply focus on the moment and keep that up as much as possible. It won't push as directly as the specific mantras and chakra work but won't interrupt most of your normal life either. The teaching is simple, the dialogue appears more to be answering individual questions. I've asked many and heard most, and the answers are always similar whoever is asked. It's like doing a degree so once you are familiar enough you can pass the exam, but this isn't theory but practice, you change your awareness, you notice something in a new way that tells you you are not the limited body you thought you were. All on trust. The master explains they are enlightened, individual ones describe what it's like then and currently, and it corresponds. Why make it up? Buddha is unlikely to have made it up and every buddha since both would have a job doing so, and others claim they can easily tell if someone is or not when they are enlightened themselves.

So if you're dealing with the mind, which is the main if not sole blockage to enlightenment, I can probably deal with them. And if most people want to know the usual set of queries, I have sourced them from the masters already, often directly. I'd never offer myself as a teacher but if asked am happy to do what I can. I genuinely have never experienced anything I'd claim was close to enlightenment as you often get small clues along the way, so it's a complete mystery to me so far. But the synchronicity itself means you're in the flow and is the first sign so it's not just feelings that indicate a change but your outer life. I am also more and more aware how everything is connected as I keep seeing it, and not just me but many people around me see it as well, often since I pointed it out for them the first time. In the end you can see every aspect of out there being connected and finally manipulate it to your own preferences. Once you've enjoyed that you then don't need to and just accept everything as it is.

Now my ego may enjoy teaching but then again who moves my ego? If you are moved to do something negative then it has to be your ego, but when moved to help others then the fact you like doing it is the motivation to get you out there and do more and more. The fact you may get some pride or satisfaction for it is a good thing, not a reason to claim a false source.

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