Sunday, July 04, 2010

Current progress

Following the previous entry, I quickly realised if I can instantly drop my attachment to global warming as it wasn't helping me any more I could do that for everything else that I didn't like. Just decide I don't want anything to do with it and turn my back. The bonus was I didn't need to stop talking about global warming, but when I do now I couldn't care less. If I can do it at all I can do it full stop. The long list of things and people that piss me off was probably typical for most people, but unneccessary. I did know that we should ignore all acts of those less honest or intelligent as besides being part of the spread of humanity also means at least we know we aren't doing that ourselves. That includes people driving while on the phone, the whole Labour party, and everyone in my life who isn't doing things that fit with my own situation. It's about getting a key, and in this case it was one which opened a general situation rather than a specific one.

I also suspect my meditation was being blocked by such issues as all resistance tenses the body and blocks the energy flow as a result. The same practises should flow a lot more easily when the issues no longer cause contractions so the subject becomes more receptive to the same power.
Back in the practical world it's a fairly quiet period in actual activities- I managed to get to Paddington to get a set of old Paddington council signs (pre-1965) outside the congestion times, and got quite a bit of work done during the week- my mum's garden which I do regularly and taking someone round the supermarket. The car is back and just have to claim back my own costs from the other side who haven't even given the insurance company the form yet. As they need to to get their own damage repaired it can't be spun out much longer though.

So besides having my teeth cleaned on Tuesday haven't any other plans as yet, but am at least seeing more connections around me as I realise I can tune into far more and get it right without having to question the evidence. I doubt I was given the desire to ascend consciousness without the ability to do so. It's nice not having to play trivia quizzes every hour now, as the mixed game ended at the end of the month, having played exactly 13 times a day despite the odd computer freeze and time out of the house. And came 10th from many hundreds of regular players which was pretty impressive for a first attempt. The badge was top 10, then top 10 of new winners in the top 30, and finally just top 10 new winners which I think will mean people way down will get it and look as if they are good enough to against the top players which isn't really fair. If you're not good enough then you shouldn't get it really but by coming 10th in both I tried also meant I'd have even got it under the first rules which I never really expected.

So I'm back on Streetview, the orange highlighter covers the roads as I've seen them, but at least two signs were either missed as invisible or I overlooked them so can't rely on it totally. But while there are roads I haven't checked I will plough on as they keep turning up sooner or later. If I ever get a complete graphic with a red triangle my work is done, I have a few with circles which are even rarer but you can't leave holes in collections unless not possible. The rest of the week is mine so far, one booking Wednesday possibly followed by my usual visitor, a couple of jobs to book at my grandma's old house and otherwise no idea.

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