Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Dropping the baggage

I'm free, no real jobs to to for the rest of the day or other ideas, maybe I'm being guided here again.
I have certainly established now about enlightenment, you can teach others if you know how, even if you're not enlightened yourself. I wouldn't volunteer it but if people ask I appear to have learnt enough of the answers to help. Maybe it's even a way to get there myself and do tell people I'm not either.
I hope anything I do say here whatever the source is useful. There's a lot of unnecessary work going on around, people caring and worrying about stuff that just doesn't matter. Self esteem and personal competition are two big ones for a start, and I've been shown no cause on earth is worth caring about even if you carry on working for it as it's not our personal problem. We can take an interest and do anything we want to help, but certainly no need to care about the issue as probably half the world will never be how we want it, but if we never existed or died today it would still be exactly the same.

So let go of everything you don't need to care about. Everything will still get done the same but you won't be emotionally attached to it. You can't change a lot outside but can change yourself inside, and when that's getting better you see everything outside as better. There will still be dog turds in the street, crooks on TV lying to us and annoying friends and family, but you won't be so bothered. And don't stop at the small stuff, work your way through until there's nothing left. I may not be enlightened but when I was told about this it was so easy and happened straight away for the first area it applied to. If this clears the energy for higher consciousness all the better, it certainly can't hurt. And this advice works for everyone, there are no exceptions- it's part of Buddhism as well as anything recent.

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