Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Progress is made

Rather than draw my own conclusions I'll present a summary of my experience and see what you think. My photo collection of old road signs has been going 2 1/2 years now, and around this year as any enthusiast would I've been dreaming about them. But then soon after I had one the same type would turn up, and it became from simple wish fulfilment to prediction. Then the already reported incident of seeing an exact sign (complete with missing end) which was then seen intact in a book of old photos and then in reality exactly as I saw it, but in a different location. So when I had two dreams within a few days just with the elusive graphic red triangle sign, only known 80 miles away, I expected it to deliver as till then they all had since the first one did. I didn't have to wait long, a couple of weeks or so, before one turned up 15-20 miles away, exactly the same as the three scattered around in the literal middle of nowhere and not worth even my effort as a collector.

I now believe I have crossed whatever barrier of connection with everything else, as synchronicities have happened in waking life for some time as well, including the story of finding three signs on the way to just one. I'm no different though- life's ups and downs still take me with them and don't feel anything has changed, but I know the world has something about it that isn't random and it can see and think and direct. But I was expecting the final dreams to deliver and despite the extreme rarity of the signs compared to the others I'd been shown it still performed exactly as hoped. I'm always being accused of not working hard enough for my progress, but if that means deliberately suffering when it's probably not required to do so then that's just commonsense. I already drove to Brighton at 7am to start the first stage of my meditation course after various long assessments in London, that was way beyond my preference but the goal was more important. And when I finished the course I did my hour a day or more for over 2 years, only tailing off when the results were too rare and when they did happen only lasted a few minutes. I gave it a fair run and didn't stop, just ran out of motivation.

But the point is there's no requirement to suffer to grow. As I say to my students it's not the hours you put in but the quality. With practice you're not studying so is different, but there it's more about finding a decent method and sticking with it, but no connection to anything having to be demanding to work. As my teacher says, it's simple to do but hard to keep doing. So the quality element there is not taking on something beyond you to overcome but not slipping out of practice. And many can be enjoyable as well, quite the opposite. So having narrowed down the two methods for me, the passive meditation hours and the active awareness you can do any time I just get on with it. Plus listening to as many talks online as I can (I did plenty in reality as well so just recharging the batteries with it) and can only keep going regardless and see what happens. For me it's not been feeling I'm connected with everything (not enlightenment but the stage before it) but knowing it from events. That's the first stage before all the others, so my progress is being indicated from outside rather than inside. Of course ultimately there should be no difference but so far I'm still me and suffering as before.

Presumably I must have done something to get to this level regardless. And why anyone should think you have to suffer as a means to avoid suffering seems a bit contrary to the intention. I think the outside/inside world is different now, and it's clearly always been the same for me and everyone, but doesn't come into action presumably until we can get what's happening and appreciate it. I'm sure some people would be freaked out and even imagine they were losing it when they were so tuned in they could dream the future and be shown things they'd never seen before. I've been doing clairvoyance for nearly 20 years so expect to get it right myself, and would be disappointed if I didn't. Like free energy devices we don't need to know how they work or intuition to use them. The same as our body, that gets on and takes care of itself, doctors know how most of it works but the users of anything don't need to know how to build them or how they work.

I only hope now whatever's guiding things both continues and extends to every other area in my life, it certainly needs it. And then I have some say in each area. But I think the first step has been taken.

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