Saturday, July 17, 2010

The miracles have started

I've learnt that whatever milestone you pass it only affects your life in relation to that milestone. Everything else of course is still the same, so whatever prize (Nobel or otherwise) you gain life hasn't changed in any other way besides any possible benefits the prize comes with like fame, money or women. My road sign search is complete, it's a great relief as I missed the one off my own road and finally caught up but nothing else is different.
I'll deal with it as it is now, you can't do any more, it's still better than it was but all the other shit is still there. Nothing major, just the second level hard work but just about manageable stuff just below the dentist or having to go to a wedding.

So I've got the temporarily clear space ahead, the irritations are further and sure they'll take care of themselves. It's been quite a productive week (for me anyway)- more (in fact virtually the last) of the items removed and sold or given away from grandma's place, a bit of work and almost went on a date. I say almost as it was a date but not in the relationship area. Closest I get nowadays. But although it's more of a physical attraction to me (not much use when that's not on offer is it?) I did find there were certain conditions attached to its return for me, but too high I think for me. The price to pay for everything is restricted, and I think this was beyond reasonable in this case. If it's not the right person you can't offer so much as it'll only end in tears. It was nice to know she is apparently interested though but basically what she wants for any actual progress is more than I can offer. As far as I know.

Meanwhile I've been dropping every issue I have with the world as I come across it, it's not my problem. My life is barely affected by 99% of the things that bothered me, once I saw one I realised I didn't need to care about any of them. Global warming is about seeing how bloody thick many people are and how criminal a minority are who drive it. But it's not my problem. Although it's sadly confirmed people are worse than I thought (OK, an average IQ of 100 is pretty low as it means half the world are below it) it's not my problem. The money they're stealing from me I can afford, I just prefer not to pay more than double for my power than it should cost. But it doesn't spoil my life really. And there have always been pathetic jealous individuals who want to take away everything from other people they don't have, and call it socialism or variations of. As that's breaking one of the ten commandments I know which of us is going to hell anyway.

I feel exactly the same though, bad when it's going bad, OK when it isn't but can be bad when it isn't as well as the past has still affected me. But nearly everyone else is the same so not unusual, just not what I'm aiming for. I know a lot more, have seen how things link up and then start thinking to create situations, as described throughout history. And as underneath inner and outer are the same outer changes are no different from inner ones. They should reflect my own progress and that's in the Bhagvad Geeta. No science but a miracle. And if you have one miracle then they exist, and they keep happening now over and over again. So although I feel the same and react the same I see the world as different as it is. And unlike experience of god these can be seen by anyone around me. Despite being no others know for 80 miles I had two dreams with the road sign I needed, all the others had delivered so expected this to, and did within a short time after looking for well over 2 years, 1 1/2 with the benefit of Streetview. This should work elsewhere now I've seen it complete my first area.

So limbo isn't such a bad place but tomorrow has a short booking in the middle (meaning I don't have to try and find somewhere to wander around with the camera instead) and nothing else known besides a new booking on Tuesday. I'm still Streetviewing, more signs are always good but at least not concerned now as I've got my collection filled. But things should have started heading the same way now as you can't deliver in one area and not in every other?

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