Monday, July 05, 2010

Conversation with god1

I've just been reading more of Conversations with God, the latest one (or latest one I have anyway), and realised along with other things that Neale Donald Walsch is one person who has apparently channelled god, but goes on to say god is within us all equally, so why not have a go myself? So rather than my usual Kingsbury nonsense I'll see what I get outside.

I haven't planned or prepared anything, but I suppose the best place to start is my vision of how things should be. I also believe this is common to most people, maybe all if they stripped off their prejudices. Besides the economics where there's clearly enough to go round if not held on to by the ones who keep it from their own people, it's also about basic freedoms. Laws are there to stop people getting hurt and losing their property. More than that is an interference. They get around it at the edges by bringing in arguments about what is hurting and what isn't. Wrong, if it hurts or damages you know it. If it needs a third party opinion it can't. End of that one. And I hadn't even got that before just now.

The hippies were the closest to this ideal I know of, certainly in my lifetime. I've hung out with them all over, and it was a good place to be. They didn't need the drugs, they wanted higher consciousness as those on the path all do, but saw them as a short cut. Maharaji turned up in London in 1971 and started turning them on to meditation and carried on soon after in California where he remains today, travelling the world around 300 days a year but his teaching and drugs work is there the whole time. It was downhill since then with politics and society reverting back to power struggles with unions, big business and crazed politicians, using the people as their tools to get what they and their little group wanted regardless of who lost what. Being the rule makers they were above the law so hurt as many people as much as they wanted as they continue to do.

Currently the majority of people believe and accept most of what those in authority tell them. They'd have a heart attack if they found some leader actually wanted to steal as much as they could and lock up anyone who got in their way. If they can't trust the leaders then who can they trust? Themselves of course. If you can rely on your own judgement then you don't need to rely on those you look up to. Unlike academics politicians require no qualifications, just a desire to be politicians. It's just hard work. They are not our friends or helpers, a few are but they are far from typical. Once you lose your faith in leaders then it's easier to think for yourself and not rely on the work of others who know perfectly well most people are too trusting or lazy to do their own research so can basically tell them whatever they want.

So I'd let everyone do exactly what they wanted except physical harm to person or property (ie violence) and theft. You'd also need standards of quality for products but then again people tend not to make or buy substandard goods when they can just as easily make proper ones, but housebuilders will make tiny cells if allowed free rein and can't rip up parks and gardens just to make money. People will cut corners wherever possible but as houses are stuck there for centuries need some rules unlike stuff you can take or leave. But dangerous products etc are the same as causing physical damage so don't go beyond that rule.

So you get the general picture. Keep out of people's lives. More politics than that is up to the people themselves and for them to choose wherever they are. As violence is still going to be illegal they will have to sort it out nicely between themselves. With or without governments, they are far from essential as long as there's a legal system in place the politicians are a pretty low option on the priority list. We have them as they say we need them. We needed them to waste time and lives and money in Iraq and Afghanistan? Or spending millions of pounds of our money finding out that poor children commit more crimes than rich ones. That's mainly what they do. And write new laws. Each new law restricts our lives that much more, and throwing someone in prison for not showing metric measures but daring to show imperial as well shows what we need politicians for.

I am tempted to stop here so people can absorb what I've said,and may well do and then return later for the next chapter. I have no idea what may follow but certain it will when I arrive.

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Squish said...

Hi David. I read that book a couple of years ago and quite enjoyed it. I was raised Buddhist, but I did find parallels in the book between the two belief systems.