Friday, July 02, 2010

The cult of climate

Global warming has been called a religion quite rightly, but I realised it's not quite acting like a normal religion, but a cult. This is nothing to do with the science being good or not, but the human result of the idea. I checked out the characteristics of cults which confirmed the majority being applicable, and possibly with time more will happen. Here's how it applies:

A charismatic leader, whose misdemeanours are overlooked and treated as omniscient regardless/ Al Gore, material untruths in film, no effect on followers.

Followers controlled primarily with fear of future disaster/armageddon and given solutions by leader that must be followed in order to avoid this. Jehovah's Witnesses are a wonderful comparison with their list of strict rules for salvation. Of course if you follow these rules you earn the right to heaven, in this case a carbon neutral environment.

Own language/ The preponderance of unique terms used as essential core concepts, carbon footprint, carbon neutral, low carbon, sustainable industry, alternative energy, and many more unique terms that had never been coined before and used to control actions are rife within the movement.

Insults for outsiders/ Oil addicts, deniers, petrolheads etc were never used before then, they exclusively pour scorn and derision on outsiders who they see as a dangerous enemy.

Huge fees offered and accepted by leaders/ Carbon credits, green taxes.

Preoccupation with generating money- see above, plus grants, charity projects, research etc.

Proselytisation/ Read The Guardian and watch BBC digital for a few days just for a taster. The BBC run a couple of programmes on a loop, one for children on the Teachers Channel explaining what would happen for a degree centigrade change per degree and another interviewing children (with leading questions) on climate change.

Discouraging doubts/ Every time a new piece of data comes out that differs from their picture they explain it away. An unusually cold winter is only weather, not cvlimate. Ten years stability with maybe twenty ahead doesn't change the trend etc.

The ends justify the means/ They actually admit that it will remove much of what we take for granted in life, but worth it EVEN IF THE CONSEQUENCES ARE NOT CERTAIN.

Us v them mentality/ If you're not agreed you're a polluter. That is their mantra.

Shame and guilt used to control/ Paul McCartney said denying climate change is as bad as denying the holocaust (except that has already happened Paul). That is a typical emotionally charged guilt trip they use to try and force people to take on their belief system.

I didn't work these criteria out, I just recognised them.


Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

Very interesting. As I commented on your blog June 30th (That is what it is shown as here in Australia) but you so far have not allowed that comment through, here in Australia depending on different places we are experiencing the coldest winter for between 30 and 60 years. Where I live in South Australia it is the coldest for over thirty years and we are going to get more frosts for the next two weeks. So how come these wonderful climatologists that are able to predict global warming for the next 100 years were un-able to predict this damn cold weather which us aged pensioners are fed up with because it is getting expensive to keep warm. I am going back to bed now for the rest of the day just so I don't have to put a heater on.

David said...

I only just turned the computer on, they're all up now.
The actual disconnect in their theory is exactly what you say. We have higher carbon (although not a lot), higher temperatures (depending who you believe) except they stopped rising in 1998, and very few real effects as whenever anything possibly responsible happens they blame it instantly so they can create a credible picture. But the actual weight of their argument is placed firmly in the future, and a century or so at that when we'll never be able to find out what happens. And people are willing to donate for that? Just shows what stupid morons so many people are, they haven't go the sense to try and analyse it first, I should set up my own fake charity only as I'm not connected to the right people I'd get jailed for it. Unlike the rest of them doing exactly the same thing.