Thursday, August 25, 2005

Business and pleasure

As said already, business is picking up, though no projects are finished yet they are all started and ongoing. As a friend explained years ago when I said why I wasn't happy, she said I had what I needed but not what I wanted. Similar now. No, not just women, add to that friends (improving now), living alone, lack of progress on the supernatrual and enlightenment fronts, etc etc. I have just, after a couple of years of dead space, heard my first new investigation project on the supernatural front though, the Hutchison effect. Discovered by engineer John Hutchison, he claims to have repeated the Philadelphia experiment of using high powered radio waves to cause a rift in space-time, and this allowed poltergeist activity, levitation and matter to melt, as well as his two versions of the ark of the covenant (large and small) which also allowed aliens in from other dimensions.
This is clearly either the most important discovery ever or a total load of bollocks. The fact he did this experiment 8 years ago and claims even a school lab could do it implies the usual conclusion, but as I can't find the plans and pictures yet I can't see what the machinery even looks like, let alone how it's put together. I am now going to try and find out, keep watching.

On the women front, I did come to a realisation that despite being quite prepared to go into it fully myself each time, most of the women I've ever met (almost all in the last 10 years as ages progress) have had a fatal flaw which either stopped anything happening or finished things before they took off. I've probably had the lot as far as flaws go. These range from a homicidal mother (killed the relationship, probably thought about killing me), alcoholism, born again Christian, religious Jew (that is hardly a surprise but they won't stick my ways very long), one who was about to emigrate after our first date but didn't tell me, every mental illness from depression to manic-depression to obsessive-compulsive to a variety of schizophrenia, and others I may mention when it's safe to... I have my own skeleton as well, anxiety, but the minority of women I admitted it to didn't seem too bothered and didn't chuck me out as a result. Certainly none of these list put me off either as I said, but fully explained why things fizzled out as basically it was near as hell impossible for these women to maintain a relationship the way they were. Do nearly all people have these issues, or just the people I meet? I think I know the answer.
I do know there's a network of people I know (at least) locally who all met in mental hospitals, and believe me, there's a complete social circle there. One of the girlfriends who stitched me up the most was eventually tracked back to the 'committal connection' (as many had been as well), as my friend who I'd originally got out of hospital by saying he was OK (he was before) and then discovering he'd become schizophrenic suddenly (how it often appears unless there are earlier subtle clues) introduced me to her sister who was one of the strangest people I'd ever met. It took me ages to discover they'd met there, but it came as no surprise. Talk about blind date and big brother romances, I bet there have been quite a few marriages on the back of committal proceedings, talk about a silver lining!

I do NOT intend to take that route to romance, by the way, in case anyone was imagining me asking to be admitted and then spending the time checking out the talent. Almost an inviting idea, but I needn't go there to meet them, they find me anyway.

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