Sunday, August 21, 2005

Tommy Boyd

The title is in honour of the latest radio presenter who has kindly allowed me to mention this site, this time on BBC Southern Counties Radio. Tommy, if you're reading this, please say hello!
As well as that, Tommy is one of the only truly intelligent people I've ever come across. Many people are bright and on the ball, but few can see past every illusion the world puts up, and understand most concepts if explained to them. Nick Roach, my spiritual teacher, and Prem Rawat, my meditation teacher, as well as Peter, my ex-biology teacher were three others with this quality, so from four people, three are teaching and one is discussing a wide range of subjects with callers on the radio. No Tommy, I'm not BS'ing, I wanted to work out who I could think of with this quality some time ago, and you said it yourself yesterday, you're a highly intelligent guy and I can spot it as well.

Back to Kingsbury, last week was such an improvement over the rest of the year, I saw more friends in a few days than I'd probably done since my little new year's get together, as well as all the usual duties and business. I also broke my weights record today, after trying a 50kg barbell and finding it fairly easy, tried 60, and managed three lifts. A year ago I couldn't even move it! I can't lose weight for the life of me without almost starving, my chest measurement has stubbornly remained the same for about 7 years, but my arms and shoulder area are bigger- after nearly 3 years at the gym I'd be pretty fed up if they weren't.

I am learning- there's no point ever looking ahead in life. You either can't see the good things or worry about the bad things that also may not be bad, so basically there's no point in looking ahead as we can't be there or experience it till it happens. It's a well-installed habit, and needs to be well put behind me as it's really not just a waste of time, but totally destructive. I'm still learning lots of things, from being forced to by circumstances. Without any details, I also now realise never to compare what I can do with what others can't. Another bad move. We're all made differently, and I now accept what we can do today there's no guarantee we can do tomorrow, so not to compare what I can do with others as it can change from moment to moment potentially, and not really within our control.
Sylvia Browne, the medium, explains every situation in our life has been chosen for growth and experience, and another member of our forum confirms this as it all actually happened to her in a near death experience.

So all my problems, disasters and other major and minor events are supposed to be for a good reason, and some of the points here I've realised recently do show that sometimes life can only force these lessons out of you if there's no other way for you to get it. Counselling allows this process to happen directly, but for me there's nothing specific I'd go to counselling for, I only find out there's a problem once I'm in the middle of it and have to drag myself through it on the spot. Also, like a doctor, I think if there was anything in my life that would respond to counselling I'd have picked it up and done something about it. Unfortunately this amounted to a course of tablets for my anxiety, as no other treatment had worked, and it is as simple as a machine being tuned to the wrong frequency and being reset with the tablets.

So, that was the last week, nothing known ahead, which is probably a good thing, a few hopes but no point elaborating as the times things have turned out based on any previous hopes can be counted on one hand. But not impossible.

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