Saturday, August 13, 2005

Why are people atheists?

I was just asked this on Funtrivia, and thought I'd put my answer here. Makes sense to me anyway!

I'd ask the opposite question. Surely a child brought into a religion free environment would be unlikely to think of God exisiting, but would question nature and life, and either find scientific answers or none. Then they'd think, OK, there are many things in the world no one understands. One possible route would be to imagine a higher power could have created everything, which would be God, but only, what law would call, by using circumstantial evidence. IE 'I can't make living creatures with complex organs, rocks or gases, so maybe someone else can'.

The second level is one many people report here and elsewhere of 'Feeling God', which is a direct experience which leaves the person no longer doubting the existence of God, bit still unable to prove it to others. Like UFO sightings, once you've witnessed something you no longer wonder, you know.

But as the present nature of God is intangible, except to the very rare few who have touched God, I'd say atheism would be a natural reaction to life without outside religious teaching.

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Angi said...

Very well written as usual, David. Also, some very interesting views, you've presented there.

I'm a believer in God but I respect atheists a lot like you and Harish. My reasons for believing in God are simple. Like most Indians, I was brought up on the idea of God. I believe that there is one Supreme Being but he does not always control our fates. I believe that our actions cause our fates. As for believing in God, I believe there is some mighty power which is responsible for some of the miracles we see in this world now.

I hope my hodgie-podgie comments could be understood !