Wednesday, August 03, 2005

this and that (but not the other)

I feel I really shouldn't be here today, as I've also been a bit dicky the last few days so hiding away indoors much of the time. But blogging goes on regardless, and if you leave it too long it loses its power, so here goes...

I'll have to see the reality of life as the manure on my flowers and hope it can make something grow from what has actually been a chaotic series of events better left unsaid but I have survived nonetheless. I do have a massive scenario ahead of forms and meetings if I'm ever going to have any money coming in again, I've done it before and hoped that was it, but it's all happening over again. Anyone in Britain without a conventional income will know roughly what I mean...
The garden's good at least. After last week's final tidying I had tea there this afternoon with my Dad who dropped in, and it was as good as any outdoor cafe. I'd actually cleared an area behind the garage that was for vegetables once, put woodchips on the ground and a table and chairs in the middle, and pot plants round the edge. Apart from the weeds that grow anew every week it's a pretty good spot now.

My paintings are due to be inspected on Friday, and if they like them I'll have something else to do for a while and who knows, it may even earn me some money! I've heard nothing about my article yet, I know it needs checking as I quoted lots of people and I suppose they have to check I didn't get any of it backwards. I'm sending off a backup though now so there's a chance something can be used. Another little high spot was finding one of the bunch of people I emailed to visit here after a year on blogger had actually read it. It is, as I said to her, more experimental than anything else, I can write exactly what I like but am answerable to readers. I think I'll have to work out something really rude to write tomorrow just to put that one into practice... Yes, it's on the system!

The delays in life have been one of the most irritating features throughout everything. Even little things like mail order. I've regularly bought stuff online from abroad as it would be impossible (usually) to find over here. Last week I ordered two things from the States. One came in 2 days, the other was supposed to have been sent 2 weeks ago, I have no idea what's happened to it. But delays in bigger areas really wind me up, I can't help it. If I do something unless it slips through the system (very rarely) or it's something I really can't do I do it straight away if someone's waiting for it. Then I know it's dealt with and I can move on as well. And as many people I deal with do that as well, I start to expect it more now as I know it can be done.
But apart from those who never reply/pay/get into print etc., the others just seem to drift, apparently depending on the person's star sign (so I've read), where some people just do what they like and have no regard for other people's needs. Even when the delay is official, as with my TV schedule, the fact that like buying a house, you're not quite sure it will happen until you get the word, I'm still concerned until I hear it will actually be shown. Other delays are unfortunately still born projects. The Tatjana Blacher letter, after what must be 3 weeks remains unanswered. Unless it's either the wrong person I sent it to (very unlikely but possible) or he's on holiday (ditto) what would have been a major-league reunion has turned out to be a wet fart, so to speak. I know that should have been damp squib but wet farts are a lot funnier, unless it happens to you.

I did make one pretty basic observation in one of my religious discussions at Funtrivia, which is: As all religions have the single aim of becoming aware of the presence of God (check all the mystical branches if you don't believe me), if we simply practiced the best meditations and other methods devised by any religions, we'd use the actual tools directly independently of where they were coming from.

I do this already, and really there's no need for any religious rules. The ten commandments are the basis of most laws anyway, and this country split government from religion hundreds of years ago. Jews may follow Jewish law, but the majority is the ten commandments, and a rabbi wrote 'love thy neighbour as thyself, the rest is commentary'. Jesus didn't need to make an appearance. It covers everything and doesn't even need God to tell you how. Just think 'Would I like someone doing this to me?' and learn to put it into practice. So if people want a few laws to go with my new pure religion, that's the rule. Leave the rest to parliament, it's their job, or the people, if you believe in anarchism, same result. But religions are supposed to be the bridge between god and man, not infinite variations of ways to tell the masses how to live, and then kill people who do it a different way.


Philosopher Newport said...

I got my copy today...and it exceeded my expectations. Truly professional looking. Quite the proud poppa.

David said...

Al, what can I say? I am impressed! I can imagine what's there from your description and what you've written so far, and I may now have to purchase a copy.

I'm hoping my own article will be used in a forthcoming magazine, but I'm not at the book stage yet- well done!

Stef said...

I'm one of those people who doesn't buy into the old cliche 'religion is the cause of all wars' peel the back the true reasons for pretty much any supposedly religious conflict and you'll discover it's just being used as an excuse - from the Crusades down to Northern Ireland, you'll normally find plain greed at the heart of them all