Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Career moves

The first thing to announce is it just shows the saying seems to be true, when you're looking in the other direction that's when something happens. I've been killing myself all year trying to get an article used for money, and painted a couple of pictures for pleasure. What's happened? They're using them in a gallery!

I am very relieved after 7 years of art classes till I was 18 all the practice since has paid off. The first painting for the gallery is under way and I'll do two or three to be hung and then wait and see if one is actually sold as well. The one bright spot in all my projects so far.
The TV production is due to finish at the end of August, with the showing around January, a total of 10 episodes sold to Europe (Discovery Channel), USA (Learning Channel) and Australia I think. The other two people in my bit are also getting excited now, and the subject (abductee) just got through his first spontaneous message while with his scientist friend who was able to interpret what it meant. He also gave more information I should hook up with the entity who abducted me, but I've never had a squeak on the message front, let alone the slightest memory. But being told of a couple of visits I took to Surrey, combined with the car I was in on one of them is beyond the normal speculative meanderings of someone just guessing. I will see if anything breaks through.

My grandma is finally at home after the successful removal of her kidney tumour and 10 weeks in hospital/nursing home for that, then the fall, and then the operation after the initial tests before the fall. She even hopes to drive again but has to have a little tube removed from her kidney first. It's such a relief everything has been fixed after she suffered one problem after another.

So I'll be occupied with painting for much of the next couple of weeks, and have to say like my counselling, nothing beats working from home, unless I was to be in a TV studio. Though it rarely happened I also liked working in offices as paperwork is very easy and absorbs my mind to the exclusion of time and place. The social life is usually good there as well, and I have spent 2 1/2 months in my only full-time office job, and made some good friends there, though they lived a long way off so never saw them after I left. All the other offices I worked in were once or twice a week for short periods, doing the usual accounts and filing I'm good at, and the nearest I got to pulling was the blonde Irish bird (I think it was Mary but I really can't remember) I took out to the park for lunch, and was going to ask out just before they said they didn't need me any more. And she seemed to like me.

So really my career peaked first when I started teaching after my degree, and then academically improved when I qualified as a counsellor and stopped teaching, only to find it impossible to get a job either in counselling or anything else besides a shop, where I drifted for another 5 years before being made redundant.
The next few years were spent studying advanced courses from home mainly in psychotherapy, and fully qualified in 2001. Job applications flooded out at the rate of one a month, until just over a year later I got my first interview as a therapist. Needless to say the following couple of years were spent engaged in my hobbies, besides the small private practice, and as I was told in a psychic reading 5 years ago, what I like doing would become my work. Then this year we had the UFO filming (no money, but priceless in career terms) and now the painting work.
So my apparent wandering off returned to a real point, that time spent apparently pissing around allowed me to hone my painting ability, and see more voluntary abductee clients so I was able to present material about it as Nick Pope does, who gets me most of the work in the first place. So I am now on the verge of two career moves upwards after years and years of building up to it, which were solely caused by being virtually unemployable. I have always been better at business than pleasure anyway, but the sort of results I'm aiming for come far more as grace than by any form of planning.

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