Friday, August 19, 2005


Three themes today:

Waiting, painting and pinching. Let me elaborate.

Waiting, for an income and for news of my ultimate appearance on TV.
Painting, the door and windows of my house, and my second picture for the gallery.
Pinching- this is a good one- The Jesus freak I wrote about recently was staying at my grandma's after she left hospital as a carer. Though I can't quite believe it my grandma's watch went missing this week and only the carer had access to it in the time it disappeared. Can someone be 'born again' and still ignore 'Thou shalt not steal'? A bit of a mystery to me.

I also had another friend round I hadn't seen for 2 years since his marriage broke up, and finally I am replacing my social life after Peter left for America so many years ago now. Instead of seeing the same few people all the time, this time each person I hadn't seen for a year or two came round one by one, so at least things are picking up there at last.

As it's only a day since my last entry little else is that interesting to report, I spent most of the day with my grandma after delivering some shopping I did for her, though she is planning to drive as soon as she has the tube removed from her kidney area next week. She was actually wishing I'd come over as she had nothing to do, and a little later I opened the front door. I was also rewarded by her new Slovakian claeaner, Ivana #2 (Ivana #1 recommended her after taking an office job). She proceeded to strip off half her clothes on entering the house, and carried out her duties in a pair of shorts and t-shirt. I was impressed! No, I won't be going after her, she probably has a chain-smoking biker called Vladimir at home who would feed me to the wolves if I even asked her where she lived. But anyone can be appreciated from a distance, and if only real life was like the porn movies (what, he watches porn!?) she'd have deliberately dropped something near me and climbed over me to pick it up. But if it happened in real life, we wouldn't have to have people doing it in movies, would we... Well, it's late and that was the nicest image I had all day, I may as well milk it for all it's worth...

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