Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Yes, no or maybe?

More updates on my little system, the list I usually have running in the background of all possibilities to improve my life that are still alive.

Firstly- now I've just had both my articles accepted, and I now know they're going in a proper magazine. I don't know exactly when it's coming out as its the first edition, or whether I'll be in which of the first three as they're all being put together at once, but that was definitely worth the wait! The second painting should also be finished tomorrow and delivered a day or so later to await the opinion of the gallery. I see it as building up a growing level of creations that may eventually break into the mainstream media level and even start paying my bills (as I said, rather than moulder in a shop or grow whiskers in an office). That side of my career is very positive, and knowing I can create things not based directly on my actual courses studied, but taken up out of personal interest is very satisfying. My grandpa spent his whole life playing and writing for the guitar, having his last book accepted by the publisher the day before he died at 89, and more posthumously. That was his whole life, his major interest, and was one of the world's top players composers and teachers, totally untrained, but a natural and driven totally by his enthusiasm for the subject.

My enthusiasms are spread out, top being psychic research, simply because it offers to break the boundaries of our everyday life and give the chance that literally anything can happen. Comedy is number two, something I did all the time at school, performing for our assemblies and drama classes, then for cabarets at local dances and functions with my friend the DJ. As my ability to concentrate and study needed total application the comedy had to remain in the background once I started my degree, and was then both occupied working and studying part time for many years after, but unless I kept up the cabaret would be unable to do any TV work as I couldn't join the Equity union. All other creations follow, and these have only taken off in my 40s, since I lost my last job and followed the path told by the psychic John Starkey, who said 5 years ago I'd end up getting paid for my following interests. Technically it's still a potential from the paintings, but pretty likely now. So, basically, the business side is looking good, and far less real business as it's all stuff I do anyway as I like it.

On the 'no/maybe' side (not certain but almost put it in the bin), my typical 'long shot' (the one that cannot be told, please email for details in private), I suspect that's ready for the Jewish 'mourner's kaddish', as they say, that would confirm my fantasy has bit the dust and made me feel a right twat for even thinking it could happen. Never mind, that's the penalty for, as Basil Fawlty said, imagining I could actually experience some pleasure for a change. It may still happen but it's off my mind now. I did receive another compliment from someone I value a great deal. It was incongruous but still adds to the idea I may actually be what I need to to attract women who are not mad, bad, sad, or aliens (or all four).
I may one day post my other story here, as my bollocks may be valuable to me, but can't be removed literally by angry readers. My pride and self-respect may take a beating, but unlike losing your bollocks, they always grow back again.

Finally, I rarely comment on the news, but 'Pubic pants'? What the fucking hell has our society come to? I imagine Rebecca Loos, Abi Titmuss, Max Clifford and probably Jade Goody working for at least ten minutes in a meeting to conjure up possibly the lowest point in world culture we will ever experience. It can't get any worse than that. I haven't seen them yet, and will probably be as unimpressed with the actual goods than their description. Anyway, if a nice lady wanted to show her toonarmy or front bottom that much, why not just let it hang out altogether than fiddle about getting on an item of clothing that apparently does its best to do just that while masquerading as a pair of trousers. Will men be wearing them as well? I will just point out that men's appliances are designed independently from their height, so an average whanger on my 5'5'' frame will proportionally look bigger than on the average 5'9''. Not that I'm saying mine is the average size, but at my height, any displaying of my (potential) wedding tackle will put me at an advantage. I've waited long enough for my height to ever become an advantage, and if the ladies 'pussy pants' (just a guess what many others will probably rename them once tomorrow's papers come out) cross the divide (not literally...) to the men, I reckon I'll be the oldest swinger in town (before I get arrested...).

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