Saturday, November 04, 2006

Back again, again

I'll be honest, besides being tied to the computer with web radio I may not have dared blog today for lack of new material. Has this ever stopped me before? No. So I continue. Nothing on the system besides the next Friends site reply, nice at least someone not only wanted to but did remember me. I sent one to someone else I knew who was because I started finding some people on my own schools didn't register themselves there but did elsewhere and a number popped up that way, though why they leave one out I don't know. One just had their primary school.
So nothing has come from that. The woman from the past will remain in the past, talk about closure, this is like hermetic sealing. Bugger. Otherwise life goes on as everyday and my major jobs get done one by one very slowly to conserve energy. Like any lottery if you buy enough tickets you should win eventually. People are not guaranteed to win even if you try everyone on earth. If one person from the past or new from the net became a friend/partner it would fill the main gap at the moment. Many online would do if they lived around here but people from the past presumably intended to be there or they would still be around. So what put my second possible love off? I'd say either: 1) She's got a new bloke (98%) 2) She hated my current photo (1%) and 3) She will never forgive me (1%). All are terminal, I think the worst would be if she didn't like my photo. Mind you, statistically she's broken up with one bloke already, if she does again she may remember me suddenly. How many times can you miss someone before you finally get it together? Eroded cervixes are really not my thing, besides other wrinkly phenomena so I'd really like this one before the menopause if it isn't already too late for that.

On a quick diversion, my number plate magazine just printed every banned UK number plate. It was like a kid's toilet wall. Now how many club journals would print rude words from A to Z for technical reasons beats me but this could be a second (the first would be the old UK format I presume with far fewer variations and all blindingly obvious and well known). Having 5 letters now the mind truly boggles. WA 01 NKS springs to mind as a pretty typical example for those also affiliated with Beavis and Butthead.
No plans at the moment besides work bookings (boring...). Photos all taken for now though if I get up early enough I can probably drag a few more ideas out. More solitary pursuits as usual. And why do all the best potential projects and decisions regarding people always fail? From my friend leaving the country for at least 7 years to the twice rejected woman being apparently free and now not interested is the main reason my tone is so bitter and twisted. Why can't just one person be interested in me the same time I am in them? No luck in the gym, I have tried a few but most were taken or probably taken and the others either too old or simply not interested. It's 4 years this week and unless someone new arrives who actually speaks to other people (only the men talk and then only after a couple of years) it won't provide me with anyone despite some real crackers. The one set up for me looked like a Lord of the Rings reject and spent the whole evening criticising me after describing every previous boyfriend and how badly they treated her. I can well understand why. OK, if I did the paper bag over her face theory I would have but not a lot more.

This week was successful as far as my tasks but little more. Predictable besides a couple of alterations of time or cancellations but no surprises besides one email reply. First frost tonight so huge gas bills ahead. Can this pattern last for life? God forbid.

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