Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ordered chaos

It's been organised chaos all week. Chaos came and I organised it, quite well actually. I just found since my occasional employer's computer was rebooted all the data I entered for the last year (and more but I don't need it) has gone. It happened once so I now print it but it all needs typing in again. Saving to CD in future as these bloody things are totally unreliable stored on a computer.
So having spent time last Friday looking for interesting features on a map I got two trips to get photos of them, spoilt only by a security guard (who at least was pretending to do his job) and a bunch of people in his office slagging me off for taking photos through what they considered was their door which happened to be unlocked. The nastiness of some people is brought out at the sight of any potential victim and just shows the inbuilt evil they project onto innocent people doing nothing they should be concerned about. It probably happens less than once a year when I take photos and just shows what disgusting minds a few people have that infer the nastiest deeds and motives into someone taking photos of buildings. If I'd been a crook I would have used a long lens and hidden, the fucking idiots. If I find the firm which occupies this block I'll post it here with their email address and invite everyone to let them know they're employing a bunch of total wankers. I actually hope they all get accosted by a real crook so they can really tell the difference after that. What total morons...

I hear my album has been posted already. So they'll either wake me up tomorrow or worse still deliver it on Monday when I won't be here. Please tomorrow, I can survive that. My shirt however was ordered about Monday and has made no appearance. Sometimes two or even three parcels all arrive on the same day whenever ordered and I wonder if they save them till it's worth delivering a reasonable number. Nothing would surprise me.
Yes, some people can be so bloody crass even I get wound up about it, basically as soon as it affects me. I know morons are everywhere, but when a herd of cretins shout at me through a third floor window like they think I'll hang around to join in, or people deliberately make innocent residents go to the post office early in the day to collect something because they were in a hurry I can crack. I got dressed and went out specially to catch whatever wasn't delivered on Tuesday and it was more or less junk mail. I didn't want it and left it there. I suspect they have my shirt but didn't make a note of it as the card they posted me said a letter and a packet. That'll return to sender in a couple of weeks and I'll probably never see it.
But overall despite the flies in the ointment it's been a successful week. I had jobs to do and besides the accounts did them. I just wrote my 9th quiz on Funtrivia (if you don't know it I have the link on my list) and for a reason I'll never know remembered tardigrades this week after not seeing them on TV for about 25 years on the Open University. If you want to know more login and do my quiz, otherwise I'd be telling you all the answers. And as well as me they actually have loads of fans and many dedicated sites.

Anyone suggesting my sanity is in question is probably right.


Anonymous said...

you should be writing novels instead of blogs.

if you simply spent the same amount of blog time on a novel, you'd have several by now.

argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they're yours to keep.

David said...

Wise words there, and I write a lot more than just this, believe me. Eventually I'll be making a book of sorts from all this, maybe someone will like it.