Saturday, November 11, 2006

Cricklewood on a Saturday

Talk about busy! What a week! But I rose to any occasion and whatever I did was done properly, for a change. I needn't look back, just be pleased I've done it. 217 photos arrived today and of course weren't a surprise as I'd already seen them on the screen, but need to have nonetheless. One oddity was when I sent someone an email yesterday she also got her own returned on a blank form so despite doing nothing myself proves it can happen by accident. Weird. So there's a tiny chance Christine's little faux pas was no more than a button press than an intentional act of war. My arse in reality but at least I've seen it happen and at a very coincidental time.

I've cleared all my work for a week, plenty next week but so far nearly all totally routine, and the sort of business I do need. I also discovered my little course on post traumatic stress disorder comes with its own certificate. It's one element of an 8 part diploma and didn't realise you got each certificate per subject which is a nice bonus. 6000 words is a pretty reasonable assignement so worth a nice piece of paper. Now for the pleasure side. Getting stuff out of the way in itself provides some pleasure, but indirectly and pretty temporary. But the rest of it remains to be seen. I got the TV schedule indirectly from the last 2 series of Mystery Hunters. It's a 26 part series, starting in January with 5 shows a week so mine will be randomly assigned on any date within 5 weeks but of course I will be told which in advance which is about a month ahead and the emails will fly around again. The last 2 times hardly anyone had Sky (as I always expected few people besides the lonely and addicted waste money on more channels of mainly crap) and only about 6 people actually saw it altogether I knew. So the same ones can see it the next time and I think I'll get maybe 10 minutes for my scene as opposed to 3 in the last. It all helps.

Now for the two remaining women on my system. One has missed the hints as she wondered if I'd met anyone yet (yes, her...) so next time it won't be a hint, it'll be a metaphorical hand on the tit. The other is still around and the only question is 'friend or more?'. Only she will be able to tell me that. Nothing more I can do on them and if anyone else comes along it'll save me all the trouble waiting for them, like that would ever happen. The internet has been relatively dead recently, few new blog entries though the Flickr sites are buzzing. I would have taken more pictures today but had an appointment. I'm now on places I've never seen but have bridges and railway lines which always make good shots. And I see so many local corners I didn't know existed until I went to take a picture there. Going abroad has its points but after you've done it a number of times just look around closer and you'll see a lot you didn't know was there. Even Cricklewood has its moments and I found that was a surprise.

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