Sunday, November 19, 2006

Today's challenge

The challenge for today. The TV free hour can only be filled by blogging and there’s nothing to blog. That puts most people off and though the main reason is most people are too busy living to write about it the other is they wait till there’s something to report. In my life that happens when they deliver the wrong pizza. Besides having a genuine hardback book of my photos the everyday nonsense continues, I go to the gym, I take more photos, I make boring phone calls, and return every time to the safety of the internet. It could be worse, it could be alcohol. This is an addiction that teaches me stuff and may make my career. And introduces me to people. And even the philosophy is drying up. It helps other people who are relative beginners but the sort of problems I’m faced with would probably drive some people to suicide so in my case it’s like complaining because I can’t pull a car fast enough when most people couldn’t pull one at all. But it doesn’t help. All the stupid trivial mixups that capture Mr and Mrs average are jokes in comparison with premiership problems.

I exaggerate not though I prefer to go into details only verbally rather than spread it all over the world here, but you know the basics if you’ve read a post or two here. The ways I learnt not to be distracted by competition with other people and irrelevant problems on the road to success mainly applied to career, which is already solved for me, and the relationship tips I know only help if you have one. I suspect solutions don’t exist for the collection I have besides time and chance. You have to reach a point where you give up trying as you haven’t got a plan to follow. Like all the best saints I have had to live a day at a time and ignore what may be lurking ahead unless it really comes. You can’t prepare for much however similar you visualise anything, the real events are unique to the moment and can’t be softened by any form of practice in advance. So, the future isn’t anything, though of course that is the truth for everyone. So the past had what I described, the present is here and there is no future as we can never reach it. It’s just many people have a guess at what’s ahead in the way of plans and ambitions. For the moment mine are used up. No more pictures need painting, women chasing or work applied for. Besides a second TV appearance on a channel that gets 4 figure views in the UK months ahead that’s it.
And to answer the comment in the past post here I don’t just write this. I write articles and anything else I can think of, have written one book and intend to get something written from this once I can find a way to copy and paste it (Blogger configuration blocks the usual methods).

So, the short day (catching up on sleep) yielded TV, online quizzes, one trip to the gym and return. I have made a small dent in the list of essential phone calls but some way to go. Technically so far the week ahead appears free compared to the last few which is well due. There are enough things to do in the house to stop me getting bored with the spare time, and it’s satisfying when I get them out of the way. But it would be nice if there was more than that but I very much doubt there will be…

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