Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Rubber emails

Another day another something or other. No idea what. So when I get a break I come here. Glad to see there are other people around content to stay at home a lot though. I used to get so bored staying in I see it as a positive that especially if not alone I'm quite happy to stay in and around the house. Holidays end up being repeats of tours, shops, beaches and sign language, with possible breaks for diarrhea. Big deal. See a sample of the world, satisfy yourself half of it is worse than where you are already and leave them to themselves. Nothing to see here. Especially the Parisian toilets.
So while I remain at home what happens? The cleaner clears the remains of two weeks of living, like the vultures clear a dead body of flesh, only mine grows back every fortnight. The cat is here with me on my lap, the radio on the internet and a few hours before I go to bed I suppose. There really aren't any issues on the go at the moment, but most shit is swept up by time passing and a little effort so it's not too bad now. There is always a sense of achievement getting unpleasant work done. I become more and more sensitive as the years pass so more and more bothers me which didn't used to. Hopefully this will fluctuate as tolerance levels do change over time and as last year pushed mine to the limits I can lose my reactions again as they have subsided. Meanwhile I go through the routines we all have to occupy us, and what more can anyone do? I suppose the explorers like to go out and explore as I once did, and probably because in the 70s it didn't cost me anything I could travel across Europe and beyond with no need to do a thing for it. Many people didn't so once they have the means to do it themselves start late. I started early and after being stranded in many holes in far flung places had quite enough of it in the end. Day trips are fine, but weeks are hit and miss, relying on the right people and hotels and if you get a good one the country is irrelevant as you stay there and sit by the pool all day.

Well, I'm not often lost for words though do run out of websites to visit sometimes. I really wonder if anyone on earth has had the gall to copy and paste someone's email and send it back to them as a reply or I'm the first person to receive such a pointless and immature act. Let me know if you've heard of it.


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of it but there is no end to the rude things that people will do nowdays.

David said...

Good to see you back Sharon, I've missed you.
Unless she pressed about 7 wrong buttons in succession it was totally out of character and for a 45 year old woman inexplicable to the extreme. I think I'll send her a link to my blog, she can see how famous she's becoming!