Friday, November 03, 2006

See the light guys, it's here somewhere

I'm not going to write about recent events much now, but let myself run free. There is a lot in my mind and if it comes out as if tripping (something I've never done and never will) maybe it will be readable. No plans besides that. I can't eff and blind on my public sites but we can here so whatever arrives will be written.
Firstly I am at a total loss to understand how women can be so totally against my own interests where sex and marriage require two consenting people to be mutually satisfied. Every woman I've met for 30 years or so has not been mutually anything. My interests conflict with theirs every time. If I move they move away and vice versa. Even when we move together another force intervenes before anything happens. If I was in analysis now this would be what would come out. One thought following another with no requirement for structure or sense.
Life is like that anyway so why shouldn't writing follow it? Mine is so fucking chaotic I'm currently involved in potentially the world record longest courtship and ready to propose to a woman I haven't seen for 32 years if she'd actually reply to my email. I know exactly what works now having thought of little else since I was 10 and they always disagree with my opinion. Besides killing someone, getting myself all over the tabloids and then marrying one of the sick bitches who befriend convicted murderers I'll be alone for life and have no children even if I offered to pay someone to have one.

Cynical? Who wouldn't be? People are the hardest items on earth to arrange, you can train a dog easily, a cat with difficulty and a person not at all unless they're your own child. And as I just said that may never happen every person in my life is totally out of my control. Not that I'd want to that much, but just a little. Grandma would like to control every person the way a child arranges their toy soldiers but I'd just blow a few old friends back in the area plus one partner and that would be enough. No chance Jose. I have done the equivalent by email of the old phone trick where I call every woman I know in case they want to see me and am sitting at home alone with no date. The last one was not a failure though I was ill at the time and she was literally untouchable but that is part of the longest courtship and I don't know if I even want to keep her if I get her. And I've had precious little chance to find out.

Otherwise I am just carrying on as per normal. No plans any more, plans haven't worked since I finished my last course in about 2001 but nothing else in life is as organised as education. Getting a job is a fiasco which I gave up a couple of years ago (looking, not having one), and I've lost little as a result. Quality should be more important and I have used the time to do whatever I do a lot better like practising an instrument. Even my quiz scores have improved by about 50% as I do so many each day I learn piles of new information. And (kayn ayn nehorreh) a couple of people I know have said how clever I am. At last. People are beginning to notice. Now when I organise concepts few others even with the diplomas can't manage to do I know I must be onto something. I can't do everything, just my own field. But spotting and understanding patterns is something few people seem to be able to do. You get geniuses in one or two specialised areas but few with the wide view. I'm not actually a genius as whatever the required IQ I had one test and however close I got you don't get a second chance like an exam. I couldn't care less, no one in history I have ever come across has put 'genius' on their CV. Or even mentioned it. But I can't as I'm not. But today I met one of the group of potential geniuses by results. He, like the rest of our group, knows things without prior study. I mean the sort of things huge companies pay you to do while their PhDs can't getclose to solving clever. I know a few of these guys, some in science and I seem to be able to in philosophy.
No effort involved, we just know things and then can't get our view across as we haven't got the data to prove it. But we know it's right and if anyone does study it properly usually proves it.

I could get arrested for some of the things I know. I can say certain rules are designed not because they stop bad behaviour but power. The people who make them do not avoid it themselves, they stop others doing it, whatever it it may be. Look at all the laws made by communists or fascists or religions where the rulemakers do exactly what they kill others for doing. They know why and they have no doubt what they are doing but have the power to do so. Hypocrisy at the highest level. Masons and many other secret societies are only secret because they try and find ways to break the law in private as they know what I do one way or another. They include many powerful people who protect each other if they ever get caught to try and wriggle out of any consequences. Again I can't name names or anything more than say if you read David Icke you'll get a rough idea as he does little else but check these guys out. He misses some of the points as he focuses on the real bastards. I include those who do nothing wrong besides breaking taboos. But look behind most taboos and you find vested interests. Don't mention something because it will let something out, not because it'll hurt someone. Trust me. Most things are taboo because they're true. Black people in Britain commit more crime. Taboo. Say it and get punished more than the black people who mugged someone and just got community service. That's one I'm prepared to mention as a pretty good example of mind control. It's not wrong, it's not racist, it's the truth, but god forbid anyone on this hellhole of an island should say it and the whole fucking sky comes down on them. People in power hate the masses to know the truth. Global warming. The shit I saw comeing ten years ago just hit the fan. They will tax us like Harold Wilson in his dreams because of avoiding carbon dioxide emissions.

The devil himself couldn't have created a better formula.

1) Carbon dioxide is a natural product which fluctuates throughout history

2) The results of increases aren't known

3) Ours has not increased much yet and can't be assessed unless it does

4) There's no known connection between our activity, CO2 emissions and any form of climate change

5) Taxing people won't stop CO2 emissions, it'll just fuck up the country till we're like Albania

But they are doing it, and why? Because hardly anyone with a brain dares to challenge them. So I have to. Get the point?

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