Wednesday, November 29, 2006

There's no intercourse at this address

Got your attention now? I hope so. It's the only excitement round here at the moment, talking about it. Besides that it's business as usual, pays the bills and unfortunately little more, leaving me back at square one to spend my money and time alone. I just spent some time writing my Funtrivia blog once I found the script font that had eluded me for nearly 7 years, and now am a little used up as well as being tired from doing tiring things. But this little box has to be filled once opened, and each time I start with no ideas something presents itself. I just wrote about how women's interests tend to polemically oppose mine. Why the fucking hell do so many women get more orgasms going to a bloody crappy restaurant than any other occupation? I have and will never get it. Eating is fun but sex is better, and we need one to live and the other to enjoy life. They seem to have wires crossed (synasthaesia) and get what men get from sex not just from eating but in some crowded dark hole full of both stuck up and common wankers crammed into half a shop on Mill Hill Broadway or Finchley Road to wait indefinite periods for uncertain rewards. What a total waste of an evening. And then the bill! Having followed family members to supermarkets most of my life and see what it actually costs to cook a meal even the cheapest are ripping us off. I know what the food costs them and paying £20-40 for a meal they probably boiled in a bag in a microwave just as I do at home is not what you would choose. But having delivered a few of these things many restaurants (including most Indians) are shipped in every morning from a warehouse, and heated up to order. If one of these items takes half an hour to arrive it's not because they are preparing it, but they don't give a fuck.

How anyone can get addicted to these places is one of life's mysteries, like why people buy more lottery tickets when it's a rollover or duck when someone fires a bullet at the cinema. I never fell in that trap or most others and wonder at the level of most people's intelligences when they fall for every Nigerian scam and press hash 9 at the tone to empty your bank account to someone in Azerbaijan. If not they wouldn't try it. I tested these areas when I first encountered them in places like Exchange and Mart at around 10, couldn't spend a lot as I didn't have it, realised they were all fake and that was it. I wasn't particularly clever, just whoever falls for major cons like religion and global warming is no different except they are better presented by the media to appear convincing. Not to me. Radar works on intuition and that's why I'm a counsellor. The clues are large and presented in megawatts. And the answers, where they exist, are obvious. The training came not in the answers but the presentation so I am diplomatic and patient. The actual logic is logic, which is universal and can be applied to everything except religion. And remove religion and if God remained the only illogical part is the hiding element. Logically if you go to Tesco's for their latest offer of 9 loo rolls for the price of 6 you see a huge pile of them where everyone can see them. Now if they hid all the loo rolls so well even those with the greatest faith could sense them but not find them we'd all end up with extremely dirty underwear. You see where this is leaving. God is a crock. Strike me down and kill me if I'm wrong, then my absence will apply after waiting 46 years God finally answered my request the one time I didn't want it answered. OK, I'm becoming Jerry Seinfeld or Woody Allen here but logic is my lifeline. When all else goes the one thing I have left is my logic. It works on everything except God, (prepare for a surprise), even to women!!!

Yes, I paid £30 or so for a book which actually tells people how to understand women, and it's so simple it's amazing, but needed an expert's research for years to work it all out. How much should I charge for the answers? And no, you can't just go and ask a woman as unless they've read that book, they don't know either. They work on aa subconscious motivation, eg they say 'I like a man that makes me laugh' and genuinely believe it, but in fact when it happens they prefer a tall good looking bastard that beats them up. They are genetically deluded. Of course once they read the book and understand their own workings (just as in psychoanalysis) they realise and actualise it and are no longer controlled by it. So then they are free and will know their true motivations and lead rather than be followed by them. Not my fault, just how they're designed compared to men where you get what you see. Anyway, from nothing I just taught a few people some little known and discussed data which I may well use as a future article. There you go.

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