Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Half a blog entry

Such an exciting day, my neighbour's computer wiped his accounts so all I did besides a trip to grandma was replace them, which used the rest of my time but someone had to do it. Otherwise life goes on, it sometimes becomes a challenge to write about anything as I reckon most better writers have to present mundane material in a way to make it interesting as most of real life is deadly dull. TV programmes compress the interesting bits but as blogs are real time and not scripted you'll just have to live with my everyday reality. I am finally considering adsense, as I see blogging decline I may as well capitalise before they move on to another craze. If it makes the blog look awful I may reconsider but would probably get a 12 month contract or else. Not that I've ever seen a blog using it so it's probably almost impossible to get them to use anyone.

So with the option to do something else, the fact there was no anything else it was write something here. The tardigrade quiz turned out to have one there already, not raised by the search, but I learnt about them and got 8/10. Diatoms next if no one has done a quiz on them as well. But my creative well can never run dry. I still have all the 44 years saved up from before the blog and will always draw on untapped ideas when the time is right. Most people would be in bed with their wives now but as I have no humans here this is my second choice to sex. I doubt it's just me on that particular situation either. But as it's getting late (no accounts left though as I just kept on till they were done today) I won't try and push myself, I've been at this screen for 6 hours for work so can live without another session for play. So just today you're getting away with the abbreviated version, and may appreciate the long ones more.

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