Saturday, November 25, 2006

Wind and invertebrates

Wow, I've done a hell of a lot this week. Besides the endless work due to a computer fault I got a set of photos taken and used a second free £10 Staples voucher, which, as they say, was nice. Sod all in the big picture though I did see the programme I did a bit for that was dumped off TV now says it's a full series. No one told me so I emailed the company to see if the pilot was already accepted for the whole thing. I can't somehow see them showing a full series on fucking 1 inch screens on mobiles. If so it would have to be the total biggest waste of effort and money as not a soul will even know it's on (no public schedules, unless you know different) even if they knew why on earth would they waste their time watching it. I remember trying to watch snooker on my mini TV which is a few times bigger and being almost impossible, and with Wimbledon you can't see the ball. It's a waste of technology, one where they are finally putting a product out that can't work, like the Hutchison Rabbit which was doomed from conception, a mobile phone that only calls outwards and from small areas near an antenna. Mobile TV will be the rabbit of the 2000s, I said it here just as I said global warming=an excuse for high taxes, and now they have been announced. Too bloody obvious and predictable and 90% of the public swallow it like hypnotised zombies. Where are people's brains?

This week's good news is Christine has replied, and all the hiccups were technical and not personal. Sorted out one crisis of faith at least. I hadn't believed in God but I always believed in her, and now I still do. I'd have hated my judgement to be so off that I couldn't trust many people any more. Otherwise a lot of painting has been done since the decorator arrived on Wednesday, first time in 11 years and that's only when I moved in, I doubt the last slobs bothered at all. And it's someone I know so we already got on before he arrived. I often make friends with our workmen though, especially the relatively recent carpet Bob who I supply with 1950s and 60s music on demand. I now have literally no plans and as I didn't a few weeks ago but managed hopefully I will continue to. But major issues have stopped and the funny weather forecast for high winds tonight is yet another precaution since the near-hurricane was missed in 1987. That was my weather highlight for life and many people probably never experienced it in theirs in Britain. High winds are not a local feature and the one time we really had them only a viewer called the TV to predict them and they made a joke about it. 19 years later and most years they predict strong winds and they just don't happen. 40-50mph is a joke and only serious if at sea, you need at least 80-90mph over land to really notice it and that is not about to happen. Like the other predictions, you read it here.
Tomorrow morning Britain will wake up to the same place as the day before, whatever the over cautious forecasters were told to say. I am now heading to see if I've beaten my quiz rating and if not will I for tomorrow. I also wrote a quiz on diatoms which I'm waiting for approval on. And if Funtrivia's latest member I recruited is reading, I know you're busy studying but if you get the chance keep popping back, you really add some good stuff.

No sex for me tonight (repeat for last 900 days...)

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