Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Diatoms and tardigrades

It's becoming impossible to report more than mundane details as I've been working most of the last couple of days and then watching TV. Hardly something to maintain a blog from. And philosophy is only about observing patterns and accurate data but only of practical use if needed to avoid a particular situation. If your life's shit understanding why won't make you happy and if it's good you'll never need to understand it but like a child can still be very happy. So philosophy is an academic exercise and very little benefit in making you happy. Besides the understanding of what sort of place the world is, the best part is adding to it in a positive way. I just gave someone a copy of my little book on counselling written 11 years ago now, and any published work is a legacy for the future. Same goes for any permanent record and I'm certainly one for creating as many as I can as I see others around me producing their best work and don't want to waste anything I can possibly produce. Like John Lennon you can get stopped suddenly at any time so must produce as if you didn't have a tomorrow, just in case.

I rarely dare to look ahead any more and the last few weeks have proved the little events couldn't have been guessed in advance and could only be dealt with immediately, needing no preparation. One by one I deal with them for more to arrive in turn. This week has been surprisingly tolerable as it goes, tomorrow is a lot quieter in advance and unless another bombshell hits the area I may get a bit of a rest for a change. Well I'm off to write a quiz on diatoms as the tardigrades was a duplicate of someone else's which didn't come up when I searched. And then one on daphnia. As I said, keep producing, until I remembered them hardly anyone I knew had heard of tardigrades but now I've spread their name far and wide they can never be forgotten, with my helping hand. My anorak is in the process of being upgraded.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE tardigrades! I am prone to think of them as the perfect animal after which to model a stuffed toy... or very delicious shape for a gummy candy. Glad someone else is thinking about them.