Sunday, February 11, 2007

Back again already

Hey, I've still got two readers! Even if I was the last person on earth I'd have to do this and just read it myself (OK, I do exactly the same thing on paper at home and no one else reads it) so I've proved my point. A week of intermittent activity and stagnation, the highlight possibly being BBC schools clock being discovered after nearly 40 years with one of my favourite tunes
who else remembers this? The whole of my past (best part) is coming back slowly by the internet, and as far as I could discover the tune is called Guadalajara by Leonard Salzedo. Not many people know that.

So, looking back on the week two lots of photos halted by snow and rain, grandma's 97th birthday dinner last night, then a friend turned up at almost midnight but I had no need to get up today. I found a model Renault Fregate at last, one of the few on my list which I just ordered, chose 151 more photos to print, dinner at a friend's new (a year ago) flat and that was about it. No more media projects on the go currently, I sent my CV to the Jewish Chronicle as they have a new people page and not many people speak to aliens. I hope that gives me the USP to catch their attention. Other than that my progress on the Funtrivia quiz is creeping ahead, and in maybe a week or two will get the last day and hopefully be in the 100 list that stays online as a record. And that is it, living in the moment as that's all there is.
I will stop before I stray into dangerous territory, ie boring myself. If what I say bores me it won't do much for anyone else. I am developing the patience of a saint, not by any credit but by unavoidable circumstances. I think that's really how it happens, just forced into it.

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