Saturday, February 17, 2007

Chaos, continued

Chaos comes in all scales, big and small. And smaller within larger. Even the cack like missing a very rare and unrepeated TV programme after making reminders is included. Earache, anything. So that was today. Otherwise I also took my 53 year old brake blocks from my bike (I doubt they're as old as the whole thing really) to a shop which was closed for weeks after passing another closed on Fridays. The other place is impossible to park so I'll have to see, as I can't even get the front ones off to change them due to rust. More chaos within chaos. But knowing the number of stations near the first shop I went off and got 3 more, and then some amazing views of the brook which runs for miles behind the houses. My album will arrive in the enxt few days as well which will keep me busy if I can sell another one to the library.

I realised the formula currently for the whole of life is based on grace, or the total reliance on others to gain a particular aim, where that aspect of your life is like watching a TV programme helpless to move it in any direction besides the one it's going in. Magic here would be to find a way to influence it in ways currently unknown to science and the wise, and if there is such a way (mainly in books advertised for tens of pounds) I'd be amazed. The lost prayer method involves recalling a previous success, imagining the feeling of success and then thanking the world for providing it. The number of places I've seen it and if the case would be the biggest pile of fucking bollocks I've ever come across. There is however a scientific element here, ie telepathy (if you think telepathy isn't scientific then what about radios?). If you feel good people pick it up and change their behaviour towards you. People tend to react to you as you are and when you are different then they will be, even if subconscious. That's the only little element I've hit upon and may work via this formula, feel rich and people will give you money etc.

My imagination for tomorrow is a blank. I have a few things sitting around the house to do I've built up this week and may do 1 or 2. I have little reason to go out before the gym later, and the other bike place will probably be mobbed. I hope it's better than that. If there's a hidden formula I'll find since looking who can tell, but I do know it's one not shared in books or anywhere else. If there is one the tiny number of people who find it let others do the same, it's never been revealed throughout history. Probably because it doesn't exist. I see blogging decline as online photo albums increase. I can never become bored with other people's business, has everyone else?

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