Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I do my best but I suppose our lives tend to reflect the foundations of them, and when I return to base I'm alone and relatively friendless. So I slip into moaning about it and find I repeat the same faults in life as they happen. Sorry about that but at 47 can see little else ahead at the moment either.
So otherwise I have 2 from 4 brake blocks bought on Monday, as I had to check the size fit the back which they do, so now I need the others to be complete. I ended up working some of yesterday and most of today so again got the business done before the playing and aim to get to Swiss Cottage tomorrow. One TV programme on tonight which just finished and I am at a real loose end. I do intend to do some housework soon as that has hung around as long as I can remember, at least that always improves the place one way or another.

I could go on but not about life as I know it as I have nothing left to report, literally. So as many times in the past I have the empty box and will see what fills it. OK, the housework. I have lots of filing/reading/chucking out to do as the papers have piled up again, that's an easy one so will probably win the race. Phone calls are mainly business less one that will lead to an arrangement and currently haven't the time to make one yet. Well an hour later and I have, fascinating, someone with a heck of a lot of knowledge and similar interests to me. Beats the housework though some may now get done before I go to bed. I doubt the TV will offer much unless I watch some more of my (as in ones I made) old videos. I hate being forced to trawl the depths of my mind to keep myself occupied, you can't rely on the TV and internet the whole time and of course least of all other people. They say (in a recent magazine article) you can't be healed until you heal yourself. That would put a lot of doctors out of business. I think the nearest I'd get to self medication is picking my nose, and I don't intend making my own dental fillings in a hurry. This is within the esoteric and beyond the capabilities of all but the enlightened if genuine at all. But these statements fly around like bird shit and have to be analysed individually in case hold any truth, but so many people accept the words which are shouted the loudest, as the Nazis well understood.

So, let's see the next job or two I get done before lack of sleep does for me. But I managed all my work today which was all I needed. There is light as well as dark, but I can't use the light that's past to light the present. That would be a real magic trick...

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