Sunday, February 25, 2007

Should I bother?

Back again. Great names of journalism and autobiography are probably great partially as they manage to write whatever else is happening. I must have had the most boring day in memory, rain assisted, and as it continues all I can do is try and write about it. I just checked my hits and I think even if a couple of people read (or look and run away) each day it's worth continuing, and my hits are about 10 a day, though one had 35, maybe I called the radio that day which of course would raise some interest. My other sites are picking up on balance, though my msn just lost its counter, which I was told about, and now instead of freezing at the last figure as it said it's invisible so I couldn't set the new one. And when I added it all it did was show a link to its own site and no bloody numbers. Why do we ever bother?

So next week, health and sanity permitting (not reliable at the moment) I'm starting the short process of marketing my photo albums. Being unemployed means you can make the best of your talents and then see if you can sell them. OK, I'm self-employed but the hours I work I may as well be unemployed. The couple of women still talking to me may be visiting as well, though one for business (she says) and the other unknown and untested as yet. I need a haircut as well but I'm not holding my breath. The question I sometimes ask is given the identical situations to me would anyone else react the same way or am I really too sensitive? Until I can find anyone with even similar conditions (there aren't that many) I wouldn't know, and the ones with my mental condition are not a good place to start either as they tend to come as a selection. I have no other issues thank god, sensitivity being the only one and in the days of the epic poets hardly a disadvantage, besides dying in your 30s which I at least avoided. Being born in the Victorian era or fighting on a war didn't help them either though.

This computer just did the equivalent of a geriatric wetting its pants by removing the last paragraph, maybe not such a bad thing on reflection, I was saying how real life appears to have stopped all but the few from blogging since the peak last year, and having 3 hits a day means people do read this, I just miss the 50s I was getting and the associated comments. But people become busy and I still return to the internet. I may still save the preferred entries to one place and see what I can do with it, at least it'll be another collection for me to offer the market in my media path. One thing about writing is however unpolished it may be you have an editor to fix it unlike any other performance so I do my part and they can choose to improve it. But how many people can have so much to say and not try and make some use of it? I think it would be a waste not to.

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