Friday, February 02, 2007

Back again

It's been the first week with no work I can remember for ages, not that I'm complaining. Financially I can take the odd quiet week, and I have a little routine now of planning the next day so I'm not left with a blank page at the time I struggle to fill with more than internet use. Three photo trips plus the one on Wednesday where the battery remained in its charger, but did get a few more bike miles out of it, and the hills are the same as a session in the gym. Other than them I have my little housework list, I have begun it but in a way the less I do it means the busier I am doing more interesting things. One visitor, and as far as I remember no shopping till later today when certain supplies need replenishing. I also completed a 3 month personal development course yesterday which gives some sense of achievement.

I just added a new blog to my links, check it out, it's a 'queer vegan socialist' (her desrciption) from Brooklyn, who, until discovering the queer element, had quite taken my attention. Not that that changes anything on my side of course. Anyway, I hope she's dropped in to have a look and if not a reminder will be sent. Politically I think anyone with such tendencies would beat me up after one meeting, but one friend who has such views (minus the diet) we agree to avoid the topic. I'm actually an anarchist hedonist, and few if any political parties agree with my views except the Buddhists. And only the laid back types. OK, I'm a hippy, and proud of it.

So little else ahead, the stupid bastards from Discovery channel have now failed to send me 2 videos, and the producer for the last programme ignored my last email simply asking for a schedule. It's meant to be released this month on the internet and if that's the only way anyone can see it besides Vodafone Live (I give it a year, anyone remember Hutchison Rabbit?) despite also being free to send me the video I suspect that won't occur either.
When and if I run out of local photos I wonder what the next occupation will be? Previously I spent many years travelling the country collecting train tickets, then model cars (very expensive), making local videos and then taking digital photos. There was always a new activity following the end of the last, and I'd also like sex to be involved in the next if possible.

Lyssa Royal Holt (of the eponymous website, 1000 dollar word dropped in there) has also passed over my email telling her a client of mine channels the same alien. Maybe she's jealous. Big fucking deal. If she doesn't want to be part of the larger project maybe her guide will leave her for better subjects. I certainly need a new input in my life, it is currently only as good as the present and previous day, with no hope for a thing ahead. Pure luck each time I have a good day or part of one. I have to tolerate every variation of stress and despite not having a job, which was assumed to be the greatest cause, there are as many others as stars in the sky, and my last job wasn't that bad most of the time and stopped people judging me as well. I don't care if people do anymore, but I'd feel a little more part of things if I had a job as well.
Well I didn't miss a trick today, the main job I needed to do was done and it has made me a little fitter as well. I am printing my photos as soon as I can get the last knockings of photos on the laptop, after emailing 3/4 of them here, and then selecting ones for album 2. Not a woman in sight though.

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