Monday, February 05, 2007

Bored as hell...

Today's theme is bored. Not just now but looking ahead. Probably an illusion and if I see it improve will show me it was. I hope it won't rub off to my reader and will be inspiration to my writing not a damper.
Only routine activities recently, nothing really happened besides just making a top 100 list in the soon to end funtrivia quiz. These are kept for posterity so hope to maintain it for the week or two before it ends. These are some of the top quizzers in the world so some achievement.
Meanwhile hoping for a few coming forks in the road it only takes one person or possibly event to improve my life, it certainly takes little enough to fuck it up, and having completed a 60 day self development course (only a short CD per day basically) I am now meditating again, the only thing within my power to help myself. I've been watching Maharaji video clips again and it looks even better than before. Not many teachers have the insight and material to offer he does and the thousands of people who have learnt his meditation have often had huge improvements in their lives. I certainly know what it can do even though it didn't happen as much as it could for me.

So, I am almost lost but not quite as I have a few tricks to keep me sane, mainly only planning a day ahead as I described. I will be going to take pictures of more paths in Highgate next, then picking the best of the lot for another album. Technically if you take your eyes off the news, like they have to in Big Brother, it's a lot easier to focus on real life. The news isn't our life and isn't relevant, trust me. Most would have no effect and we are only aware as the media selectively tell us what is happening. Iraq can look after itself and just as people abroad don't give a fuck about our problems why do we need to hear in incredible detail about theirs? It's all a device to take our attention away from real problems we don't need the TV to tell us are happening. So the news can silence itself, the day Wembley Stadium opens I'll see the parking restrictions so no need to be told, and people elsewhere don't need to know unless they're going to see something there. Real news is what changes our lives and there's little new in the world and what gets on the news isn't what affects us. Now they're talking about the Falklands. Obviously a quiet news day. 99% of Brits couldn't find them on a map and we really don't need to care about the place. If they worked to reduce the price of the ferry to the Isle of Wight I'd be interested but no, they spend it on a country almost as far as New Zealand.

Anyway, hopefully my words of wisdom can pull a few readers back down to earth, and remind you to focus on local reality not nonsense far away which is none of our concern. Well, the next lot of quizzes are ready to play so I'll put everyone out of their misery and piss off. Goodbye.

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