Friday, February 23, 2007

The big con

Back again already. Oddly this week has so far mirrored last week in that I worked the first two days and then took photos. Pissing with rain but besides lowering the light can still take photos, I just stayed in the car. But go into London and there's no space to pull over and I was forced to block traffic or take views with things in the way, but got just enough worth using. Then I'll be trying to sell the albums in a few places as could get quite a cottage industry if people like the idea. I also found a local doctor my mother knew who checked my ear and besides a pinhole in the eardrum which may have nothing to do with it gave me some jollop to put in which should clear it up once I collect it. But it wasn't serious so that's a relief.

Tomorrow is free and I intend to mop up some photographic loose ends and more phone calls, including some about the albums. One picture involves stopping in a road where I probably can't park and waiting patiently for a train to pass on the side I get a full shot. The line runs along a tiny stretch of residential road and I saw a train go past and should make a nice picture. Out of my lovely landscapes and cats, what has the most views? Top three, all London Underground signs. Amazing. And the most popular views aren't fields and trees but motorways. It just shows what we like personally bears no relation to what others do.

One little theme around me is that of teacher and educator. I've heard from various sources about my wisdom, though what to me seems like commonsense combined with experiences to apply it to few others appear to have the time, patience and ability to do it themselves. Fascinating. There are two ways to become a guru, the proper way is to be enlightened, but have to know how it happened or you have no path to offer. The second which happens on its own is where people see it in you whatever you can or can't do. This is some sort of spiritual source and as if we only channel it and use a part of ourselves which they pick up and all I can say is I hope whatever I know can help people as it hasn't got me out of any current situation of my own however well I now understand them. This is partly as I've discovered how little we can do about our surroundings, as if I've drawn a map and then said the only problem is we can't get anywhere in it. Like it's a place but not here. Or DNA, this is how it is, live with it.

One thing I can do is see through bullshit. Tony Blair and global warming. If the solar system is heating up we can't worry about it being man made, where man creates under 1% of all CO2 in the atmosphere. This is easily found and no one seems to react to it besides the few, and scientists who disagree lose their funding. If someone wants to rob you you wouldn't give them your money, but if they tell you a sob story maybe you will. Same as global warming. If someone's father needs an operation in a third world country they use this one to con westerners out of their money. Global warming is a variation of the theme, and if you're going to lie, make it a whopper. By the time the plebs realise it's all a crock of shit the taxes will be in place, and guess what, all parties will agree (deja vu with the common market, as I warned in 1975).

There is a difference between being a guru and being sensible, but you need one for the other. And you shouldn't really use it to fuel your ego as you'll lose the status if you do. It's not about status but destiny and if it goes to your head then you're not up to it. It's about the message not the messenger and if even one new person gets the point they don't need to remember who told them, though they can recommend others listen as well to hear it. One test is if you challenge someone's ideas and they can answer every challenge, meaning they have fully thought it through and know the facts behind the conclusion. To this end I keep a file of science on global warming, and rely on others who do the same for Israel which is blamed for the things in the world not caused by CO2 emissions. The fact Israel has never raised a hand in war against anyone since 1948 without being provoked is something ignored by the antisemitic media, and if Israel were left alone by the Arabs another single bullet would never be shot in the country or across the border. If Israel stopped defending iteslf it would be wiped out within days. That is a simple formula and one proved every time they return a little buffer zone to the original Arab owners and get shot as a result. And then as soon as they leave Lebanon the thick sods kick the shit out of eachother in Beirut High Road in full view of the cameras. They are stupid c**ts and in the nature of enough of them to murder their enemies that if you remove one (the jews in this case) they just replace them with another (Christians/other Muslims not of their group). Sad to say it's part of the culture and if Israel wasn't there (as the loony left wish to solve the whole world's ills) the Arabs would simply start on the next victim as it's what they do. Just watch the news when they rarely show them doing it against eachother instead of Israel or the west. They hardly seem to need a reason, they are posturing like New York and Harlesden yardies and it's just a macho total lack of social status overcompensative behaviour. That means we have stone age mentalities living alongside the 21st century and naturally they do not mix.

Apart from a few maniacs no jews when faced with injustice set fire to cars or bomb shopping centres. They complain and nothing happens. It's what we do. We talk a good job and do relatively little to change it physically. Just like the British except they really don't know how to complain. The French however put their balls where there mouth is and kick shit if petrol goes up 5 cents. They might be arrogant bastards but they won't lie down and be used as a doormat.

This is an antidote to political correctness. The British police were banned from reporting the huge proportion of violent crime was committed by black people (despite being the true findings) as (regardless of 99.9% of citizens working it out) as confirming the bitter facts would fuck up the whole lie they try to feed us about multiculturalism, unchecked immigration and all the other shit we are now suffering under what is more or less a totalitarian socialist regime (what else could charging people per mile to drive be?). He says it's to stop congestion rising 40% by 2020. The fact curbing immigration by 40% by 2020 will keep it at 0% is not mentioned, he'd rather flood the country and then price us off the roads, except many foreigners whose cars won't be registered here anyway...

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