Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Freedom of speech

Not that it's a bad thing, I've done the same work routine every Tuesday for 3 now, though I think it spread to the next day as well last times, and may tomorrow though the actual accounts I was asked to prepare are for an accountant and not someone who failed their 1st year so I may have to give up that one.
I was meant to do some gardening tomorrow but the rain continues after a short gap yesterday and will stop gardening if it does, though I think most photos will be unaffected by it if I do that instead. I'll have to wait and see. But at least today was fairly productive and am a little more like a 'normal' person doing a little more work than none at all.

No TV on now and being too early for bed this seemed the best thing to do, and whether or not I have readers or any subject matter at all I still see what fills the page though now blogger have stopped the interest links besides my little list I really don't know how to find others any more. It also never saves my details so I have to sign in, as does Hotmail as well now. No idea why.

I still reckon I've lost track somewhere and am being gradually directed out of whatever shit I was put in, partly through courses and books as besides relying on elements of the supernatural/god the past seems to fit with what they say so if true would make sense of how everything got so totally out of control. I could also tidy my desk but at this time of night because I also start reading everything before throwing it out would keep me up all night. If it's pissing it down tomorrow then it's a good way to use the time. Of course had I been tidying someone else's desk (as I often used to) it would be called work and I'd be paid, but quite honestly I manage now as I am so sod the work either way. Not a big issue anymore. Happiness is all and if I am judged (including by myself) for not fitting society's standards it can fuck right off.

Meanwhile the news each day becomes more and more depressing or trivial and far better ignored altogether. It never used to be as bad, especially as the recent trend is to fill half a paper with gossip as people (not me) prefer it and there isn't enough real news to fill them. I see headline after headline I turn over as they are telling us that if we itch scratching might give relief, and did you know Suffolk has the most masturbators in the UK. Who gives a flying fuck? Surveys either telling us what we know or don't need to know are wasting money creating work for people who would really be better off unemployed than assaulting our minds churning out endless drivel. They should be judged for taking money for that rather than doing something useful or letting it go to someone who does. The saddest thing is if the masses felt the same way as me people would have to stop these studies (their word not mine) and if people then talk about it with others as if it's actually something interesting then David Icke's theories of mind control are highly understandable.

I think my blog and many more are a little antidote to all that as whatever I write is unpaid, unbribed and totally honest. No reason not to be. If it wouldn't get me into trouble we could all say a lot more but besides including and possibly identifying others people will always try and take advantage of certain information so I have learnt to be more careful than I used to be here.
So, from little verging on nothing I hope I may have both educated and discouraged a few people from wasting their thoughts and attention on the cack the papers present us with no different from the lowest type of women's magazines and literature for the retarded and possibly questioning the value of it. So next time some cretin at work enthusiastically tells you that more people in Aberdeen eat oranges than anywhere else in the UK and the most expensive condoms are in Cornwall you can tell them David tells you to fuck off. You know it makes sense.


Anonymous said...

As for having to always sign into Hotmail & etc: Your computer is not saving their cookies. Don't know what browser you are using or if you are using any anti-virus or post-browsing clean-up tools, but look into saving specific cookies and you won't have to sign in each time.


David said...

I assumed it was the new machine but the laptop does it as well, and on blogger. I wondered if Hotmail had problems and made everyone do it, it's just one more layer of obstacles.