Friday, February 16, 2007

Thursday's review

Honestly, until I started blogging I never swore in 'libel' (ie permanent form) and very rarely in slander (temporary). Yes, I'm legally trained. Now it's a dreadful habit but presume it somehow adds a dimension to my writing compared to the unrestricted use made by the chavs on Big Brother.
Anyway, I've been pretty busy this week, half planned and half forced. My ear is undergoing its second course of drops for the supposed infection and is a bloody nuisance. I have no idea how long these things take to clear up and the immune system seems pretty inadequate to cope with what are probably the commonest germs to enter the body.

Besides that I am waiting for my second photo album to arrive. Only one error this time, and egged on by a 15% discount for ordering that day had little time to piss around searching further. I copied a missing one from flickr which restricts the size, and I wanted this to be full page. Expecting it to be on the laptop, not accessible for a week, I gave up and printed it small, and then realised although it never made it to my computer it was still on the camera. So I could have done it full size but if that's the worst ricket I made I can live with it.
The Funtrivia challenge ended and I was up at 93/100, from over 42,000 players, though many didn't play enough quizzes to get very far. My total was 1770 when the scores were locked, compared to about 2400 for those who didn't miss any. I am pretty happy as it was the first time I played right through and my average was nearly 100 (a whole question from 15) higher than last go as well.

I've worked Tuesday, taken a record number of photos on Wednesday and some of trains today. Too late to squeeze the best into the new album but you have to order it eventually and I intend to make one every time I have enough to do so, around 60 of the best. Nothing specific for tomorrow besides still trying to get brake blocks for my 53 year old bike. If I go to Mill Hill I can take some more station photos after as there are three near there and I'm taking as many as I can for the group I'm in. I got Burnt Oak, Queensbury, North Ealing, Hanger Lane and Preston Road in the last week as well as a different entrance to Highgate. Next should be Mill Hill East, Finchley Central and West Finchley. Not that other people haven't already takne many of them but no two are the same. Considering on Monday I had not a clue what I'd do all week I've done pretty well, but of course can't guarantee a thing beyond now.

That is around it for now, I expect to finally do the housework once I run out of places to go, none is that demanding and will be good to get out of the way. And I no longer expect the news or the supernatural to suddenly improve my life any more. It just goes on and this really is all there is, take it or leave it. I doubt anyone's looked further and longer than me and I can only get on with it as it is as besides meditating there's no other way round it. If anyone every shows me an alternative I'll become enlightened on the spot. That little chance.

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