Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Big and small issues

I think the old cliche only the sane think they're going mad is true. Technically I may be one of the sanest people around, as whenever things go a bit wobbly I can see it happening as if happening to someone else, and tend to self correct as a result. I'm not insane, just sensitive and being allowed to spend my life alone every aspect is magnified many times so whatever stress is going on I see it hundreds of times larger. That could be sanity as people who travel to work in crowded public transport every day for years are apparently immune to the reality of their plight as I was once, as if protected by an invisible shield. Once that's gone you see it all in its full horror and react as a normal person would.

Anyway, things happening big and small since the last visit, my day to day planning is working so far, I went to Ealing today to combine my North Circular photo completion with some more stations. Another early start tomorrow (for me that is) though I can't force people to change their shifts to suit mine. Then a trip to Burnt Oak for the same reasons as today, not the typical area I take but I made a list of tube stations I hadn't taken and that is the closest and may have a rail view as well, though if anything else is worth taking there I'll be very surprised. I'm using my new red optical mouse now, these are the sort of little things that add an element to life, and someone I know finally joined Funtrivia over the weekend and as I expected is as hooked as I am. Only took me almost 7 years but then again not that many people I knew were online and had the time if they were, apparently.

The Funtrivia quiz league is messing with me at the moment as a few of us are competing for the top 100 in the final table, I reached 99 but keep being pushed back to 101 and can't relax on my laurels yet. Just about to do the next round and go to bed now, another little place to keep my interest going. I think (not that you can help it) the current theme for me is not to think too much. My mind tends to drift to the negative and create many scenarios that never happen except there but almost feel as if they are real. Real ones do as well but rarely as predicted. Leaves in the wind, apparently. And plenty of wind as well...

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