Thursday, February 08, 2007


Today is free, all day. I was intending to go to grandma's later but there's 4 inches of snow on the roads and I'm going nowhere. I've been busy this week besides yesterday's missing appointment (nobody's fault) so today was a welcome break, though I haven't exactly exploited it, not that you really can under the circumstances. And someone read my blog! It still happens! More a random occurrence now than a daily routine but thank god I don't write to read again myself. So all I did today was burn all the latest photos to CD having ordered prints last night. There's sod all on TV so as I have to stay in I may watch old videos I took of local roads or tidy the house. Better than stress anyway.

At least a few things are as they should be for a change. I have an amazing new computer and mouse and the DVD burner and accounts are working again thanks only to my determination not to let them pack up. Or luck, either could be the case. And if someone I know ever reads this who has joined Funtrivia I said he'd like it, so that was a job well done. So now I have an evening to make the most of. There are some phone calls that must be made sooner or later, other than that it's pure chance. No one in the house to talk to forces me and anyone else into an inner world of solitary pursuits, like being in a cell within another universe, separate from the world with other people in it. There are secondhand clues like voices on the radio and words on the screen but no actual bodies. Sanity has to be more strongly tested alone than in any other circumstance, and besides pure stress and suffering I don't think it can really be shaken, just tested to its limits. Every thought is magnified and instead of passing stops and has a full inspection, especially the negative ones. Bad habits are set up but no more.

Let's see if the evening has a little more to offer than usual, it is possible.

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