Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Aiming high

Working on the latest evidence there's absolutely no reason why my direction towards collecting old signs can't be extended to every other area of my life. I already know if you push your abilities we are capable of just about anything with our minds. We can receive any information in existence, pick up facts about total strangers, make them do things at will (I forgot I used to do this till recently and it's very easy and witnessed by everyone around you) and just about anything else without any effort at all, just knowing how to do it. Practically it's not yet been of any use to me, partly as they are the sort of standard computers were when first brought out only less reliable. The principle exists but the delivery does not yet. But the potential is there.

Having found one of the rarest signs in Britain a day after Streetview went national meant the week is sorted sign wise. I don't have to look or find any more, although am happy to Streetview indefinitely now I have almost total freedom on it. Today's freedom (predicted for the week) was used tying up loose ends- shopping, eliminating a slide scanner from the visit after inheriting boxes of slides including many of my own holidays with my grandparents in the 60s, so will probably have to wait for one to be delivered, and possibly no evening TV for three days as they just don't make many decent programmes any more. I also managed to call the local radio for the first time in weeks on our record petrol prices. I doubt we can stop them rising but at least can explain they represent the total criminals in charge of our fate.

So the rest of the week is free currently, probably voucher shopping for food tomorrow, business calls and just keep Streetviewing. I suspect the lack of enthusiasm for putting my photos in the newspaper will go the way of my earlier interview, but did my bit at least. Just being able to do a job somewhere like a restaurant, even for half an hour was like someone walking again after an accident for me. I can happily stand outdoors and paint for a few hours locally but put me inside and ask me to stay somewhere crowded is like most people being trapped in a lift. And I was seen and spoke to some new people as well which for me is a privilege nowadays. I'll embed my latest quick video (if I can) as I had my camera with me at the gym yesterday and got someone to film me with the barbells. I've done it before but can't remember how.

So the bottom line is my aim is to see my life develop like a dream, where each area in turn is covered by the guidance until I end up where I want. And if I can then of course everyone can. If these phenomena are real they're not just for one person are they?

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