Thursday, March 18, 2010

Busy on the keyboard at least

Back again, but time and space dictate when I do this rather than actual events. I now have a little slide scanner I found locally looking online, and got all the holiday photos up I've got so far, and have a huge box of others apparently not relevant to go through when I get round to it. This is me when I was 9 in Scotland

Scotland Inversnaid

Well I beat the system and HTMLed it myself. Uploading is meant to be easier but clearly no longer.

I also spent an hour filming arseholes driving with mobile phones today, I'd done it once with the still camera with many results, although stopped when I was chased to behind the pub. I worked with a long zoom this time and tried to keep just out of their vision. I got 8 clear offendors as well as a few who I couldn't get in time and one where the camera didn't go on, which was the best one as he was stuck trying to get out of the bus lane. But eight clear offendors, mostly with number plates may send a message, and the company who owned the brand new van being driven by the turd on the phone risking their 5 figure property may get wind of it, OC Building in Harlesden. There was a motorway maintenance lorry pulling an excavator also on the phone who went past too quickly to take as well. It is pretty shaky in parts but can see what they're up to and pause if you want a better look.

I am on another non-date tomorrow after being railroaded to another pub, although with notice managed to call the shots on which one this time. This is what I've come down to, and impossible to turn down without a real girlfriend to eliminate any others who aren't actually up for it. I don't think my pictures will be in the paper this week as haven't heard anything for tomorrow, and if not next week will have to send my message 'upstairs' to see if I can fix it. No one wants to do a job and then see it wasted, paid or not.

Beyond is a mystery, I've done plenty of stuff this week though including the slide scanner, getting my food and riding the bike all over now the sun's come out. There's no need to worry about old signs, although a classic turned up in the slides albeit half covered by a balloon. It's not in my personal collection despite knowing it well as I can't be sure I was actually there when it was taken (I probably was as he wouldn't have gone to Hampstead Fair without me). I'd have settled for a clear shot but you can read where each place is from the second half off them at least. If I can be calm and relaxed tomorrow knowing I've got to go out later I'll be amazed and very happy, who knows what could happen. I'll need the horse pills at least at the time but would like to manage beforehand as well. That's the equal part of phobias for anyone who doesn't have them. I've tried many things but a miracle would seem the only remedy to me at the moment.

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