Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Deer deer!

Back again. You can't do this too much, when I'm following blogs I'm only to pleased to keep up every day. From the past to the present, today was free all day, sunny but cold. My mum asked me to take a picture of her first house where she was born which I did, and carried on to the park in Golders Green. I can't arrange the photos here at the moment but they tell 1000 words either way.
England did well tonight after being a goal down came back with 3, two by Peter Crouch. I've seen him play twice, for Tottenham and QPR, and presume the absence of Ashley Cole was because he's still in the doghouse. I've stood a yard from him at the Arsenal reserves as well, and opposite Arsene Wenger who was in the director's lounge above the level where I was sitting. One thing about football is how easy it is to see them in person as their only work is in public, unlike actors who you'd only see at the theatre or a live TV recording, which I've done many times.
One benefit of finding more signs miles away means when I'm at home I don't have to worry about not finding any for a while locally. Of course I've covered most areas nearby and only rural Surrey left to explore, 90% off Streetview so purely down to going and looking. The last one was from Streetview, they'd added it days earlier and hope they add more as it costs a bomb driving so far just in case just for a few photos of fields and country roads that look like every other in the country. But with what I consider now to be constant guidance since it began ( not getting a slow sign that turned out not to have been there at all, thinking it was all over, then finding many others finally completing by getting a real slow sign) that sort of route really needs a script. TV scenes are considered way beyond reality, but now I'm seeming to get closer to that than randomness. So if something can direct life that specifically then of course every subject is possible. Miracles can't be big or small, they are the same as infinity, there or not.
That would mean, weltschmerz aside (ie presenting ideal reality against existing), I'd be heading for a media career, in newspapers, known by the public and getting interviews on TV. Believe me I'm no different from any other diva, if they told me to go anywhere beyond my limits I'd just turn them down flat as my health comes first and as long as got any work don't care how much. I bet most are unpaid as well. Ideally of course I'd be able to afford to move back to where my parents could afford as they had good jobs, regardless of where the few hundred thousand would come from. And as miracles aren't limited by size add move there with a woman (of course two people equals twice the potential money although few have that much lying around admittedly). Then an income from writing and doing interviews from home, which is quite possible as the foundations have been put in place over the last decade.
Obviously using signs as the method of communication is both the most appropriate and easiest to present. But if a woman 'just turns up'- like the one at the library but minus wedding ring, I'm given a newspaper interview they actually use, and rather than make new effort (I am talking miracles here) put one of my existing TV programmes on real TV where suddenly everyone will see it. The obvious popularity of Ten Ways, judging by the regular repeats, plus the fact it's a British programme (one I did was American and only seen there and another Canadian) would certainly make it a potential candidate for use, except the hundreds of times more in existence would mean only the huge, normally American series would ever be likely to end up on Channel 4. The rest (besides C5) probably don't go near fringe stuff and commission their own programmes. Basically every area really ought to be added now. As I already believe I don't have a 'normal' life any more then it may as well extend beyond a single issue as even if I had the full set of road signs all I'd do is have a collection of photos. My life can't change from that otherwise can it?
Meanwhile here's the second phase of nostalgia, goodness knows how many more I can think of after this but with a 20 year window must be plenty.
Reginald Maudling, Tingha and Tucker, Jimmy Clitheroe (he's on again even if just a repeat!), Walter's Potato Puffs (polystyrene with salt on), Vista Vision (we rented from them from North Finchley and had the orange vans), Bleep and Booster, One Number Service (who remembers them?), Stan Bowles (my first match was QPR so made an impression), Tommy Trinder, Evoluon, Potty Putty, the Morris Million (mauve, they were all over the place), Olly Beak and Fred Barker, Juke Box Jury, Top of the Form with Paddy Feeny, Associated Rediffusion, and stick on bullet holes for car windows. And loads had collections of pennants stuck on the windows as well from all their holidays in our wonderful resorts.


Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

Associated Rediffusion used to have their studios in an old Empire Exhibition hall on Empire Way at the junction of Forty Lane near the Wembley Park station. I used to go with my girl friend and either friends or a group of 12-20 from Academy Press to a lot of their live shows. There was an illusionist/hypnosis man called Cassandra that had a regular show, we seem to be the only people in the audience at times as it was limited to about 25. Sometimes we tried to mess his audience things up so the studio director would say something different, like we were supposed to assume that a secret word written on paper would be say pheasants (bird) and what he had written was pleasant. But as friend Doreen and I were, and still are, telepathic (another story another time) we often were able to read his mind and so we would whisper to the others in our group what the word or picture would be. Wed did get challenged about this and threatened to be banned from the shows.
AR studios was where the first UK commercial tv started and it was a live production of Kismet.
AR was part owned by Associated Newspapers publishers of the Daily Mail. AR was the weekday commercial channel up to 5pm on Fridays when London Weekend Television took over. I think AR news studios were at Kingsway, central London.
I think the studio buildings were demolished some years ago. Beautiful buildings and at the back was the remains of the old Empire Exhibition elevated railway line.Ah memories you are inspiring me to recall. Thanks. To me THOSE where the Golden Years of Television and Radio. Nowadays most to me is crap as I can't stand, and know alas you like them, reality shows. Oh well each to their own.

David said...

I'll keep thinking of them, you keep the stories coming. We'll have a book ready soon!
The TV has followed society here and fallen in quality over the decades. Although there's a handful of decent programmes left they are very much the exception.
One writer is actually on my Flickr list (willm42), he does some of the Bear Behaving Badly shows for children, they are like the old stuff.