Friday, March 12, 2010

Continuing with the flow

After reading about going with the flow this week I've had the perfect opportunity, and even though I've hardly made a profit I have more potential, and none of which I had a single part in playing. I was put in touch with an old female friend by my old neighbour who although living just too far to be convenient is more or less back on the scene. Those people are important after seeing the back of most in the last decade. The I was sent a link yesterday saying after a year of Streetview they were covering the whole country. I wasn't sure it was true until I saw it myself as I thought maybe it was the original announcement, but they did it and besides a tiny addition last month the whole of Britain is indeed covered just after I'd almost finished looking for signs in London. Nothing found yet but it's only the first day.
At least it means if I do find anything I can go out for a purpose, as all photos are almost done as well without going to a different part of the country just for the hell of it. No point wandering aimlessly outdoors, especially on my own, especially now I can look wherever I like.

Looking back I've done bits and pieces this week, one photo trip, plus a second with the SLR after some years not using the extra lenses, and a few music videos for Youtube including my first ever go at vocal harmony. Nothing's changed as far as I can see but you don't know where it's heading. The free paper had extracts of the book (which makes sense as it's about selling them) although if I'm really lucky the big paper may also include the photos, if not then why did I take them I wonder? No one's put them online and if I hadn't I doubt they would be full stop apparently. Maybe this week is a quiet period giving me a bit of a rest I may have needed more than I realised. If there's anything good ahead we can't see it and just happens again in the flow and not our control. I've put plenty of work into it certainly on the media and networking side for years. Any success I've had hasn't been undeserved as even going back to the three years at college postgrad and subsequent home study was the foundation to be allowed to do this stuff in the first place. You do the hard stuff and in my choice and opinion should then be able to relax. People who aren't qualified have to work like dogs the rest of their life as I did before I was, so why do it all in a concentrated way to keep it on afterwards?

So I have been led to road signs, one person albeit distant, business success and some more media work. With experience I can pitch every result at a level of say 1-10 though, and then even at a high level some don't change your life. But I can at least say 'I've got this sign now' where there are many I didn't get. If there was ever a time the energy should be right for a short cut to success it is now. 50 years building up to whatever conclusion, learning the directions and building the foundations really ought to lead somewhere more than more of the same. The winding roads that take miles to get somewhere could easily be bypassed if you took a straight line, and maybe there is one waiting ahead as it's about bloody time.

Rather than tempt fate I think putting it all in the open now may actually open the energy to it and create the thought form. Unlike many I don't speak about spiritual bollocks until it's shown itself to work for me. Therefore the short cuts could be to:

  • A very quick suitable girlfriend
  • Getting on terrestrial TV/in a newspaper
  • Suddenly getting enough money to move and an income to allow it
  • Something revealed about aliens at last
  • Have my friends come back from America early
  • Get all the benefits of 12 years of meditation on and off
  • One more I can't think of

Well well, I've used the bullet points here for the first time, although I should have done before but forgot they were there. Done it now.
I actually also think half of these are connected as money tends to follow from media success and women and other people may also arrive when more involved with life. The energy for success, failure, broken appliances, phone calls, customers and all the rest has clearly demonstrated itself to me over the years, and you really do seem to get the same sort of results whatever you do when these phases are open. As I said if I could direct them to order I'd have all of the above and more as requested, but am just about in touch with the mechanics of that to believe there may be something in it as well.

Tomorrow is expected to keep the Streetviewing and then to my mum as every week, and have to let a customer in to my late grandma's the following day so booked for then. It's been a fucking boring week to be honest so far, I haven't lost anything or anything similar, but only spoken to one person (in the post office), nothing besides the old friend popping up (which may be better had she still been local) in the way of profit, and although it's good having few jobs to do as it means most have been done it doesn't create anything new.
So I'm hoping for a conclusion, it appears it may be leading to one although outside my awareness or control. That is the flow and maybe we don't even need to direct it once we're in it as it may respond to our needs. I can only hope so.


diver said...

Nice colour combo David, very easy on the eye. I like your bullet points thingos too, most flowery.

'... Rather than tempt fate I think putting it all in the open now may actually open the energy to it and create the thought form'

I can see two points of view on that score. On one hand, by putting your desires 'out there' you may be summoning them and the karma that goes with them; or, by envisioning those goals, you may be effectively imagineering (=imagination+engineering) your own future, i.e taking command of the ship of your destiny etcetera. It's a bit of a dilemma between Eastern and Western ways of looking at it I suppose.

'... I actually also think half of these are connected as money tends ...

You've gotta wonder haven't you. Hmm ... makes me think of that old Gangster Rap song ... what women want eh ... dub-twisting ballers with the ice on their wrist ??? ... maybe, though I sure hope not :-/
... cheers David

David said...

I liked some of the paler colours but theought they'd be illegible until I tried the bold.

I learnt the tempting fate/statement of lack new age theory, but old witchcraft covered that long ago with binding the spell at the end. So be it or amen. If that crap actually works then that's how to stop it working against you as so many teachers state.

The flowers are what blogger makes them when it's published, very impressive really. And I've met very few women who don't like bad boys, even if they grow out of them eventually they all did once. My personal role model was Dudley Moore as we have a lot in common, and he managed to beat that cliche at least.