Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Getting anywhere?

Back again, the closest I've got to an addiction is the combination of doing this and not going to bed in order to do it. Compared to others it's not too bad, had I been blogging each day and gone to bed at a sensible time then there'd be no health warning at all, but who's perfect?

Although things have technically gone pretty well recently- business is good, still finding lots of signs and no real problems it is boring. I gain another item but doesn't change my life or bring people into it. I am amazingly getting in touch with an ex who's free again and for reasons beyond my comprehension actually wanted to see me when my old neighbour got me involved. No predictions though, just an announcement. And being in public I do wonder who can see what, I've got to fanny around on a few other sites where the very people I'm moaning about are present. I'm not moaning here but people either like being written about or not and you don't know till it's too late.

The week ahead is not looking as exciting as it could be either. Besides more football on TV (I missed one damn good game for the photo shoot but I can watch football for the rest of my life) one probable booking tomorrow and who knows what else. I have a few photo trips, nothing worth the effort but there when I feel like it. I've spent the last two afternoons walking in the woods as the weather was sunny but bloody freezing, but got some exercise and more photos. As I said yesterday it's really about bloody time the routine was broken, and seeing other people became the norm rather than the exception. I appreciate them all now and will do even more if they're not rationed.
If I'm working tomorrow I doubt I'll go out afterwards, I've got a growing list of calls to make, especially since the calls went up am saving as many as possible till after 6pm. BT have made it 7 so at least only ripped off on non geographic calls which I can avoid to the greater extent. And Streetview's covered another mile or so around London so back on the job and found one more sign already.

I'll let the following days take care of themselves, I do believe any success I can control in the future will be from strategy and not effort. Plan in advance, see what's required and act. That's how I win many online quizzes, I don't work hard but just learn the tactics and strike at the right time and know what I'm doing. That's how real success is made, once the exams are over, and I really believe if you've shlepped your kishkes out studying for years then why carry on afterwards when you've put that effort in to gain said qualifications? I see people far better qualified than me killing themselves, not for money but more status at work. For fuck's sake dear, you've got a PhD, what do you want, to become God? Just insecurity, I'd like an MA but wouldn't keep going if I'd got one (unless offered a free course) as it was where I felt I belonged and very happy to be better qualified than nearly everyone else in the country. But academic qualifications are just that, fine to teach but you really need a profession to earn more, and that was where my effort was diverted to (I'd have preffered both but health and money dictated otherwise) and although my accounts show my profits have never broken four figures a year the TV work on my CV is priceless and the potential is pretty good as well as an opening for media work.

So as always my mind becomes organised by presenting what's confusing shit here, and gradually see a pattern forming I can work with. Deal with what's in front of me and what I can change, and stop worrying about the rest. Any more is a miracle. Which leads me to yesterday's entry which clearly displayed a complex miracle in my own life which lasted a year. So they seem part of my life, and don't believe they are rationed or based on merit (I've seen the sods who do very well in life and they wouldn't have had it been given that way). It seems neutral, an energy you attract and harness, and then you're in the flow. If we do get judged for being a right bastard with it (which I haven't since I was at school) I've yet to see it happen. And don't really care if it does as it doesn't help me if someone who stitched me up gets it back as I'd never even know most of the time.
I just want to succeed, and don't take advantage of the power as some do, as that's what the old school call black magic. It's simply gaining power and then using it against others.

I think we can all win in that respect, there is enough for everybody but for instance if you give money to the third world it nearly all gets stolen, which is why they're poor in the first place. Many countries we consider poverty stricken have more resources than here but it's all kept in a few hands. That's how people are kept poor, as there's the technology to even fertilise many deserts, as Israel did simply by planting them with trees. I see where people do the wrong thing, and am always happy to point it out or people will assume they've got away with it. The real revenge is seeing them do it as they assume they are unnoticed but as David Icke says, knowledge will set you free. I know global warming is a Mafia job, half the world do now but it'll take a heck of a long time before knowledge will convert to results as currently they're in the process of trying to hold onto their money. It can't last as with the internet the truth is there for anyone to look for.
Political correctness is a smaller version of the same thing, protecting the bad and punishing the honest. Only a way for the powerful to keep it and stop the good people winning, but it can't last.
Anyway, that's enough for one go, but plenty more where that came from.

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