Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mummy, they're crying carbon again!

To be honest I'm well pissed off having to spend so much time having to report all this only to be abused by people whose religion is being attacked. Now if Islam was involved with it as well I'd really be in trouble for having a go. But if they keep spraying us with their foul manure on every possible opportunity I must be here to try and wash it away.

Just in case anyone's missing my global warming announcements I don't want to disappoint anyone so will update the situation there. Firstly the technical terms. No, climate change is not something different. George W has been blamed for swapping terminology 'not to frighten the public' (global warming's frightening? What's happened to people suddenly?) but is only an abbreviation of the official term 'Climate change due to global warming". If you think about it without that element there would be bugger all left, and that's being polite (for me anyway). The present broadcasts are the scientists and spin doctors (hold on, where's the line now?) killing themselves trying to wriggle out of the fact they've been caught with their hands in the cookie jar with their pants on fire and cooking the books. In fact there are both no cliches not applicable left on telling untruths, and a ripe situation to write many more. Telling temperature tales, twisting the mercury, pulling our thermometers, crying carbon, fiddling the freeze, shuffling the emails, dealing from the bottom of the graph, and possible there's an infinite number (to imitate their own reporting enthusiasm) more. For pity's sake give up and let us spend our own money again!

It is going to be a long and hard battle. Vested interests don't give up without fighting till the end. At least one of the kings, Phil Jones, has watered down the acid with his latest interview, although largely ignored by all the believers and leaders alike. But each piece removed from their mountain will gradually erode it to a small pile of ash which will blow away in the non-temperature induced wind. But despite the fact truth has no place in their campaign (only in as far as it's used to hide the lies anyway) it is now reaching the general public after being online for years and will be harder and harder to maintain each piece of the jigsaw when it's found to be made with invisible ink and dissolving paper. Eventually when applied to each claim there'll be nothing left to defend or pretend.

PS, if faced with the typical tosh about pollution then try this.
Ask whether life needs CO2 to exist. Yes it does. Then when does an essential amount become a pollutant? Er...
And what about 95% of the greenhouse effect, water vapour. How much would that need to increase before it becomes a pollutant?
We are dealing with total ignorance here and can easily be cured with facts and figures but who wants to listen?

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Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT. Keep telling them mate. You and me are telling the world about the TRUTH there is NO, repeat NO man made global warming. 99.99999% of our weather is caused by the Sun. New satellites going around the Sun are finding out more and more how the Sun has very unusual cycles that emit radiation etc, not just Sunspots and Solar Winds, that cause changes to the Earth's weather, climate and stresses on rocks etc.,electricity power grids, radio and tv waves, communication satellites etc. Within the next ten years we will have a bigger picture just how the Sun has a BIG control on our lives.