Sunday, March 21, 2010

A second holocaust?

In the 1930s one man was responsible for persuading millions of people the Jews were responsible for most of the ills in the world, and succeeded in removing 6 million before the allies finally stopped them, although it has been said many allied forces knew all about it and did nothing, making them no different from the French collaborators.

Today we see the whole of mankind at blame, by arguably a single person, and not taken up by one set of powers but the UN and most governments worldwide. Mankind has been found guilty of polluting the planet and rather than killing them, which is very last century or third world, is punishing them in every other way they can think of, mainly financial.

Do we want silence from all those who suspect the truth, or pains in the backside like me reminding people every week or more that there is a scandal going on that can only be stopped by a single thing, the truth. Unless you learn and spread the true figures which are freely available, you are no less guilty than the British government for pretending the concentration camps were a surprise when their troops found them days before the end of the war, when most had died or would soon die of starvation, rather than listen to the intelligence and risk alerting the enemy to their presence in the areas. Their big picture, much like the current one, ignored the suffering of the people for victory, even if millions of people suffered or in that case died as a result.

People are dying here as well, indirectly but by diversion of funds for clean water projects and malaria eradication, to be followed by people freezing to death from not being able to pay for the increased energy prices, or power rationing in many countries. In the end the toll could be as great but impossible to point the finger directly, which is how they can keep on and think they're not being noticed. Well I notice them, and many others do as well, and only by passing this on can we stop the scandal becoming permanent. They've already stolen billions of our money and unless people do the same research I did years ago, now greatly updated, will they realise the truth and hopefully share it as I continue to do.

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