Monday, March 29, 2010

Tourette's blogging

I find writing this is the closest I get to Tourette's. It contains all the things I think but rarely dare to say elsewhere, so am free to release all the old nonsense that only my friends and family tend to agree with to any extent, probably as they are far more sensible than most.
Today's example (admittedly as a negative type) is diversity. Now the principle of forcing minorities to share as many group activities as possible makes as much sense as putting cats and dogs in the same cage. Yes, put all the most diverse types you can together 'because they should all get on' and watch them separate into little groups barely acknowledging the others, let alone getting on. London colleges. Go to any canteen at lunchtime and see each table of exclusive ethnic groups. That is reality. They don't want to mix. They may choose to live here for economic reasons, but tend to come in such numbers most find an existing ethnic community to join and shy away from the natives just as we did in the empire. Human nature yet the left are blind to it and prefer their evil fairy stories of multiculturalism and global warming.

Other than politics since last Monday when I found the sign it's been getting on with it. Work most days, mainly unpaid (sorting out my late grandma's estate is a job as I'm executor of the will and it's bloody hard work) and free tuition. But it's what other people get paid for even when I do it for nothing. The newspaper came out today and oddly not only were my photos not in it as expected but neither was the online book review. I can't see many old Jewish readers touching a computer let alone looking up the paper on it. Own goal JC. I'm finding more old acquaintances online, some just names from school and others women I fancied but took no notice of me. I email a few and so far had no replies as per. Maybe I will send the next a photo of more than my face except I'd be put away. But I'm certain there are no better alternatives to fix my life. The internet has become my route to friends, old or new, and basically if anyone was suitable they'd have come across my path already. If you have to go out and search then by the time you find anyone they're too far away, married or simply not interested.

The week ahead's routine so far, and anything extra will be a surprise as always, so can't even imagine what the next one will be if it even happens. I'm almost running out of questions, the answers ran out some time ago. Whether I'll have to watch the world become more and more strangled by corruption and oppression, or the truth and will of the people who want to be free will gradually prevail. One thing that unites us all however diverse is they are robbing every one of you in the false name of global warming. More cash has been extracted worldwide than most wars and will soon exceed them all, allowing for inflation. Muslims, disabled, Africans, Arabs, will all lose equally, more so if in the first world. They don't care about diversity except they rob us all equally, and unless diverse groups worldwide do their research to discover the truth and then complain about it then we'll all be so poor the only thing that will unite us are the power cuts.
We will all freeze equally if in cold countries, fail to get to work when driving and other transport becomes too expensive, and like the war, every person who fails to stand up to it deserves everything they get. For instance in our elections there are parties who will stop any policies on it, and they will get in if people vote for them. What's the point of voting the big three when besides sharing most of the same policies are all told what to do by Europe?

So in the small areas we can do something then do it. And don't give up when people put you down, if you're right then you're still right if your opponents disagree. Are they right? Do you want to see us being sent back to feudalism or agrarianism? Living and working in villages, pumping your own water, growing your own food and never leaving the area you were born? Even I went abroad a few times before realising it was better here, but no one will have the chance in a generation. People rarely think out the consequences of new ideas, and if you let them change society to stop CO2 that's exactly what will happen. By banning CO2 directly or indirectly through pricing, that will be the end result. Going back to how we were before we had industry. Great. If they like it so much then go and join a tribe in Africa as there are plenty of people still living like that, but let them destroy the ones who want it? And don't trust alternative energy, besides burning Al Gore and the IPCC the only fuel we've got is what we know about. Any others are either hidden by those who own fossil fuels or don't work. If you don't believe me then spend more than a car on wind and solar power and try and read this on your computer. I wish you luck...

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